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[page 2] GEOGRAPHY OF THE FAR WEST....... Gandalf..... Most of our knowledge of the Far West comes from Bilbo's poem," The Song of EƤrendil" ( I: p 108-11) Thre @There@ are two divisions of the Far West, Eldamar and Valinor, and they are separated by mountains, the principal of which is the Hill of Ilmarin and connected by the pass of Calacirin. Eldamar is the home of the Elves. It has one large city, Tirionm which is on the bay, Shadowmere. Valinor is the land of the Vlaar @Valar@. In or on Ilmarin, a the Halls of the Eldar King ruler of Middle Earth. Also in Valinor are the Blue vaults of Varda ( Elbereth). The Two Trees once grew below Ilmarin. After Valinor is the Edge of the Earth. If this is a myth or if Middle Earth _is_ flat is unknown tome @to me@. Any comments, good or otherwise, (Allwill @all will@ be accepted), should be sent to Gandalf c/o Charles Welsh 6917 Cherry Lane Annandale ( Or Springfield), Virginia. 22003