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[page 1] Quendi {Title art: "Quendi" is handwritten in a font that accentuates serifs.} {Image: A hand drawn illustration of a vine with sixteen leaves frames the title art and the upper limits of the text.} {Note on the text: The following article is divided into left and right columns, as indicated below.} [Left Column] _Memelya, Urimë 23_ _Quendi_, your Official Party Newsletter, is a supplement to the regular (?) Tolkien Fellowship summer newsletter _Holbytla_. It is published by Silmarien o Laurelen, 3041 Mackland Ave. NE, Albuquerque, NM 87106, to whom correspondence should be addressed. _Quendi is a Viritrilbia Publication._ Greetings from the West. _Quendi_ concerns plans for the MSU Tolkien Fellowship's celebration of Bilbo and Frodo's Birthday, September 22, and is being sent to members and friends of the Fellowship. Special greetings to members of the Neo-Numenorians. Elen síla lúmenn' omentielvo! For members of the Fellowship to whom I haven't written recently, I have been corresponding with Marci Clark (otherwise known as Donnemiva Took Boffin) of the Neo-Númenorians, an inter-state smial with several members in Michigan. Donnemira has suggested that some of them might be able to attend our Birthday Party. We invite them enthusiastically, and look forward to meeting them. As Inúrion has suggested, the Party will be held on Friday, September 27. We regret that we can't have it on the 22nd, but Registration doesn't start until the 23rd this year, and some of us won't even be at school by then. (Those of us who are will no doubt have a small celebration.) Last year, as most of us remember, the Birthday Party was publicized by means of posters, so that the Party served to introduce prospective new members to the group. We would like to do something similar this year, and hope to be as successful at meeting new people as we wore last year. As in traditional, the Birthday Party will be held at the Party Hollow, if the weather permits. We will meet at 7:00 pm in the South Hubbard Lounge for the short walk to the Party Hollow. last year we had more than forty people at the Party, and we can probably expect at least that many this year. Among the attractions will be songs (everyone please bring his instruments), discussions, food, and miscellaneous festivities. (Would anyone like to present a definitive paper on the Theological Status of the Eldar?) Those of us present at last year's celebration remember what a good time we had (particularly the Faithful, who had stayed all the way through Star Trek!)--songs and recitations beneath the stars in our hollow in the woods by the river, that exciting candle-lit trip through the woods, and our triumphant return to the Holmes Grill for mushroom pizzas! [Right Column] Help is requested in the following matters before school starts: _Posters_: We had a lot of fun making posters last year, and if necessary we can do some after we get to MSU this year, but if those who get a chance would make some now and bring them, it would be appreciated. Information on the signs should include the occasion and the date (it wouldn't hurt to indicate that we're celebrating it late, so that nobody spends hours poring over Appendix D trying to figure out what we did to the calendars!), the time and place, some mention of the Tolkien Fellowship, and a number to call for information. Menelien and I will be our suitemates, so that would be a good number, or use your own. _Songs_: I am going to try to get out a new songbook for us before the Party, including words to our traditional songs and also those from the books for which we have tunes. We need some new songs, so come on, all you creative people, send your contributions to me! (You can keep "Luthien and Beren Were Lovers", Seth.) If you have a new song, or a suggestion for a tune for one from the books, please send them as soon as possible so the lyrics can included. By the way, do the Neo-Númenorians have some songs? We'd like very much to know about them. _Food_: If anyone would like to bring something that will keep until the Party. it would be most welcome. (We're going to have some Hobbits there, you know.) We'll get some things in East Lansing, too, Would anyone like to volunteer to handle the refreshments? _Suggestions_: Ideas about Party activities, publicity or any other details will be greatly appreciated. Please write and tell me your ideas and suggestions. There will also be various matters to attend to when we get to MSU, such as clearing the Party Hollow, distributing the signs, and so forth.