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[page 124] {Image: A landscape illustration titled "BEOWULF" rotated clockwise to fill the entire portrait oriented page. At the center of the illustration stands Beowulf in light scale or chain armor, leather cinches, knee-high cinched boots, and a helm that leaves face and hair exposed. A sheath is attached to the cinches at Beowulf's left hip. In his right hand, Beowulf holds a short sword covered in gore, in his right hand he holds Grendel's head by the hair. Grendel's body, depicted as a single arm, lies on the ground behind his head. The glow surrounding Beowulf leaves some ambiguity as to if the head is severed. Grendel's features are mostly human, but with pointed ears, pupil-less eyes, thin lips, pointed teeth, and a forked tongue. To Beowulf's right, Grendel's mother
is sprawled dead, supine upon the ground. She is less human than Grendel, with piscine or aquatic features. Her jaw is piscine with pointed teeth, her eyes are deep-set beneath a strong forehead. her hair is thin and long, her fingers are webbed and end in claws, and her body ends in
a scaly limb cut out of the image by the glow surrounding Beowulf. She wears nothing to cover her bear breasts. In Beowulf's left background
of the image appears a serpentine dragon, none of which is visible save the head and neck. In Beowulf's right-most background sits a sculpture of unknown intend, and humanoid qualities. The image is signed
"Anderson" in the bottom left corner in cursive.}