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RiVERSIDE QUARTERLY VOL. THREE NO. TWO 50¢ {Note on the text: "RiVERSIDE QUARTERLY" is printed in stylized block font. The first 'i' is lower case. All other levels are capital. "VOL. THREE NO. TWO" is printed vertically in font. Each letter is embellished using negative space. "50¢" appears below the volume number.} {Cover Art: The cover is dominated by a fantasy scene with Tolkien influences. Two figures stand on a road at the bottom right corner of the page, between a living tree on the left and a dead tree on the right. Both trees have mushrooms sprouting at their bases. Both figures are humanoid and facing away from the perspective of the reader. The figure on the left is approximately half the height of the figure on the right. He holds a long sword in his left hand. The figure on the right holds a tall pole-axe. Both figures wear hooded cloaks. The road on which the figures walk leads to a domed building with a circular entrance. A second such building can be seen behind the first. Around the domed buildings, five towers rise up to the sky, one in front of the buildings, two between them, and two behind. The towers are featureless except for circular windows near the pinnacle. They resemble cylindrical obelisks. Four flying animals appear in they sky, but they are too distant to clearly identify. Only one is fully drawn out against the clouds. The other three are silhouetted against a clear sky. Mountains appear to the right of the buildings. The text "REG 1101" appears in the bottom right corner of the image.}

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