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[page 1] This is available For 'anna' (Q.'gift'). I've given up setting a 'price' for things since some people seem to think these Things happen by magic (nowadays mind you) and they can support activities, zines, moots, etc. in their own sweet time. Some of you have paid far more than it costs and I think its @it's@ unfair. But there are no advertisers this time around and I had to put out $15-$20 of my own. As well as the Time. Unless you've done something yourself, you cannot imagine all the headaches it brings. Mastering art, researching, writing, typing, reading, correspondence, Poorfreading @Proofreading@ (as _Niekas_ would have it), following up, organizing (??) material and all are just too much. Plus school, and other mundane matters and the Party and the fact that I had less than half the time than _Nazg_ didn't help much. Please bear with its being Late and Messy and all. I'd much rather have to receive it than create it, but I felt I had some things I was obligated to pass on (and have much more that I didn't have time to put in). The reason this isn't better is because my hoard is completely burned up (figuratively). I am in Desperate need of Donations or I will not do anything else. Because of my parental pressures if nothing else (and to think that my Mom has the same Birthday as F & B!). I am not too pleased with the response (in view of potential) and will Greatly Appreciate anything you can contribute to the furthering of Hobbitry. Its @It's@ bad enough to sweat through this unhobbitish weather without having to have myself and those who Ordered pay for a whole first run. Among other things I have extra copies of _Nazg_ and _Ilmarin_, and I would appreciate anything you would offer though the former are scarcer. The latter (this) I will accept any anna for but it costs (including postage, printing, masters, <word is corrupted> about 3x (more or less). Among donaters for past activities (above and beyond): Randy Rico, Marcella Juhren, the Ivers Family, Andy Soroker, Dolores Diaz, Myrtle Rees, Geneva Bayne (no relation to Durin's Bane) of Hobbit House, Uncle Tom & Art Kunkin of Free Press, and others who have Chipped in at Parties, helped out, vanquished rings, etc. But enough of my problems and on to more...Obviously the worst thing about my song sheets, programs, fanzines (though _Nazg_ and _Ilmarin_ and such are moots-by-mail) are the inscribing errors. Not only did my runic typewriter (see _Entmoot_ 2 I think) not work but what with the Book of Nazarbul being burned and all: at the end of line 5 in the dwarf poem in _Nazg_ there should be: <text in Cirith> and the third word in line 7 should read <word in Cirith>. Also on the businwss card for the pipeweed: it should be Tob_o_ld Farms! This (as all ditto erors) is eraceable. But my eternal apologies to the Longbottom genealogists...I won't even belabor the numerous other things. For translations of material therein or answers to such things as N-Y Day Crosswords just write me. Frodo Lives as much as _you_ desire. If you haven't heard, Dick Plotz, founder and Thain of the Tolkien Society of America, has relinquished his thainship because of Harvard pressure and having recieved over l0,000 letters so far this year. Its @It's@ just too much. This is why your orders haven't arrived or your membership acknowledged. Be patient. At any rate the new Thain is Edmund Meskys, one of the most active hobbits in the U.S., famous science- fiction fan, and publisher of _Niekas_, the Tolkien-sf journal. Membership in the USA is now $2 which entitles one to the _Tolkien_ _Journal_ (more or less quarterly) and the many priveleges of membership. Write either the old address of 159 Marlborough Rd. [page 2] Brooklyn, N.Y. 11226, or Ed's address: Belknap College, Center Harbor, New Hampshire, 03226. But with the switching don't expect much right now. I understand there may be a 'Green Dragon' on srrial @serial@ activities within the month. At any rate: I tried to get a scroll signed for both during the Birthday Party but with that being as confused as it was I had to replace it once, forgot about it until the evening, and ended tearing off part of the other for a note. Oh well. So now, I would like to say, with the enthusiasm of all hobbitdom here: TO DICK PLOTZ: "With humble hobbitry we hail the founder of the Tolkien Society of America, the Realms in Fourth Age Exile. We have prospered under your thainship's light! The Trees have flowered again with your care. May your Birthdays be as numerous as Bilbo's and may you someday sail from the world a hero, Ringbearer!" AND TO ED MESKYS: "Hail to our new Thain. You are certainly more welcome than the dwarves on Bilbo's doorstep so long ago! We know that you are among the great of elf-friends and that your touch returns to us a bit of Lothlórien! May you keep the silmarili with care and may Hobbitdom and Middle-earth prosper under your stars of Thainship." There, I'm not much good at high speech and all. Right now there are over 1,500 members of the TSA but _most_ fans don't belong. They'll get around to it, you know. Well, unless you respond to this than you'll be off the mailing list. {Image: The following text is written in blue pen over a decorative swirl. The text is integrated with that above. It is repeated here only to show which words appear in pen.} all hobbitdom here: Tolkien Society of America, the your thainship's light! The Trees have flowered be as numerous as Bilbo's, and may you someday Ringbearer!" AND TO ED MESKYS: "Hail to our new Thain. You are the dwarves on Bilbo's doorstep so long ago! We know that _Niekas 18_ came out over the summer (albeit 3 months late). It is a huge publication, a must to all hobbits. Write Felice Rolfe (co-ed with Ed):1360 Emerson St., Palo Alto, Calif. Thisish @This ish@ contained the third installment of the Glossary of Middle-earth, the catalogization which will eventually, hopefully, be a book, by Bob Foster (915B Carman Hall, Columbia University, N.Y., N.Y. 10027), the Interview by phone which Henry Resnik had with JRRT for his _Post_ July 2, '66, article, the transcript of the Mid-Year Day Moot '66 at TSA Head., coverjacket for _The Hobbit_ by Diana Paxson (2953 Linden, Berkeley, Calif.) and other hobbitish items. Still 50¢, more or less quarterly. _Tolkien_ _Journal_ III:2 also came last month. Cover of Rivendell, bacover of journey through Dead Marshes. Both by the same artist but: the hobbits had pointed ears, no curly hair, and Gollum was pale white. Oh well. What do you expect from the Dead Marshes Among items of interest: _TLotR_ has been translated into 4 other languages. _The Hobbit_ into seven, and _Farmer Giles_, 3. The Spanish _Hobbit_ is _El Hobbito_: Also a note saying a number of people have bothered Tolkien by sending him their Books @books@ to autograph and such and if it continues we won't see the you-know-what. The main article (12+ pages with maps!) was an article by Mrs. Margaret Howes on relating prehistory and the ice ages to the Eldar Days. There are a number of quarrels with it even though excellent. Even though I approve of the story-telling method of filling in Details @details@ in Tolkien, I think she was a trifle bit presumptous. She tends to jump blithely over the many paradoxes of such material. She accounts for the disappearance fo the whole Fourth Age culture without considering the survival of a copy of The Red Book of the hobbits temselves for that matter: "...but the regions in which Hobbits then lived were doubtless the same as those in which they _still_ linger..."(1,BB,21). Loreth (Marcella Juhren, 670 Kelton Ave., Los Angeles, Cal., 90024 #2) did a technical article on the same subject using maps at U.C.L.AL @U.C.L.A@ Library and says she found evidence for the possible disappearance of Mordor and Gondor while Eriador could remain. However: "The Iberian penninsula seems to have been a curiously constant land-mass, most aggravating the way it was triumphantly on top of the water in every darned map I could find ((a plot of Mordor?))!" Glen GoodKnight says he just finished a geography course and mainly can't quite go along with her evil-machines-destroy-world idea, though I did like her note on the Power at the back. At any rate there are a lot of similarities for argument on the subject of placing the age of Tolkien's world even if the article isn't Right @right@. It was interesting. During 'Laire' I also ran across the March 17, '67 _P.E._ (Practical English) magazine (25¢, 430 Kinnard Ave., Dayton Ohio) which has a beautiful Tolkien Section and lavishly illustrated. But insists (as seems to be tradition) on providing orcs with beaks! Name of article-section: "Desires of Dragons". There also appeared issues of _Tournaments Illuminated_, put out by the Society for Creative Anachronism, 2953 Linden Ave., Berkeley, Calif, 94705), a growing group that centers around medieval times holding tournaments, live chess, small wars revels and entertainment etc. It is quite successful and any true Middle-earther will get quite excited over it (there are a lot of Hobbits in it). Subs to _TI_ are $1.50 yearly. Much of it is based around the fantastic classic _The Once and Future_ [page 3] _King_ by T.H. White, whcih Peter Beagle mentioned in his Birthday Greetings to JRRT in _TJ_ III:1. Authoritative sources say Greg Shaw's _Entmoot_ is dead. The rumour has been circulated before but now it seems confirmed though Greg doesn't answer at the 2707B McAllister, San Francisco, Calif., address. Try friends. It could revive. It was excellent the years it was on Middle-earth. _I Palantir_, though, is a bit more active lately as Bruce Pelz (l23l Jp 12th St., Los Angeles ,Cal.) is reprinting backishes. I know he's done #1 and may be doing the next two but Bruce doesn't write and you best ask members to get them at LASFS or write Chuck Crayne, 1050 N. Ridgewood Pl., LA. 40¢. _I Palantir_ is connected with the inactive Fellowship of the Ring. You might ask about membership cards which were $1 and may not be available. I don't know if Bruce plans any more palantiri. HOWEVER, a special fanzine is in the making by Chris Barczak (2449 N., Vermont, L.A. 90027) and Mike Jittlov (902 Maltman Ave., L.A. 90026). I think it is singular and should be quite fine from a 'looks' point of view as Chris is a printer and Mike an artist. I plan to contrib and all such are welcome. Will be out in next months. Other groups of local interest: Los Angeles Science-Fantasy Society (see Chuck Crayne's address), West Covina Science-Fantasy Society (Steve Fink, 1835 Michelle, West Covina, Calif.); Vally Science-Fiction Association (Dwain Kaiser I guess. 1397 2nd Ave., Upland, Calif.); Fanctuary (Jim Keith, 2834 Santez Dr., Pomona, Califania @California@). Also: please don't just sit around and wait for things to happen. DO something yourself. Why not organize a local smial yourself or at least advertise for fans (there are a lot more around than you can imagine if you make yourself known) and send addresses in. I'll help out on advice. For instance I know that almost everyone at Cal Tech has reputedly read It. But I don't know very many there. I've plenty of ideas collected. Activities don't have to be directly connnected. Visiting gardens, horseback riding, rowing, maypoles, and growing mushrooms are among many. The smials I know of meet every two weeks, monthly, and on Highdays or quarterly. Have fun and thot and beauty in the smial. There is no better place. Current Smials (clubs): La Crescenta (Ahdi Alderson, 2244 Montrose, Montrose, Calif.); Cal State (Glen GoodKnight, 5425 Dobbs, Apt. 25, Los Angeles, Cal.): interest has been expressed in forming ones in the San Gabriel High and Temple City High areas. There are sufficient hobbits in Alhambra-SG-Arcadia-El Monte-TC to do so but I haven't the time for too much and will work mostly in large scale activities though I would enjoy immensely any activities locally.: Gary Crandall (5224 Yvonne, San Gabriel) may have something there.: There is reportedly a group around "Taft High" in Woodland Hills but I have no more on it and you might write Gary Diamond (18220 Margate, Tarzana, Cal.) or 'Moose' Getzlaff (5429 Amiego, Tarzana, Cal.): Peter Finkle of 736 Briardale Ave., Orange, Calif. 92667, seems to be organizing a group; Bruce Meckler (The Ashgrove, 8162 Melrose, Los Angeles) might be doing something as he was going to hold his own Birthday Party: There are several very actice @active@ hobbits at UCLA and some potential ones and that would seem to be a logical place: There is even a potential group around Chaminade College of Honolulu (Charles C. Cummingsmith, Office of Librarian, 3140 Waialae Ave., Honalulu, Hawaii, 96816). As for the general area there may be a Yule Fest (Patrick Porter, 1813½ Maltman, Los Angeles, mentioned abt. a Harvest Festival but I doubt that there'll be one) but then again it may only be Local @local@ (opeu to all tho @though@) and wait till the Elvish New Year- Victory Celebration in March. Something will happen before the latter though. Glen GoodKnight is forming the Mythopoeic Society. Mythopoeic means 'mythmaking' as discussed in a _TJ_ II:1 article and will be devoted to the serious study of mythopeic writers as [page 4] Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Charles Williams, etc. of that genre Tolkien himself said that mythology is the greates form that moves him and the _LA Times_ Sept. 10, 67 carried an article on Tolkien by Ralph E. Hone, head hobbit of the Literature Dept. at Red Lands College called "Myth-Maker Extraordinary". Schelling (don't ask for his address) once said: "...a nation comes into existence with its mythology...the unity of its thinking, which means a collective philosophy, (is) presented in its mythology: therefore its mythology contains the fate of a nation." Glen has compiled the first installment of his Mythopoeic Bibliography listing books and critical articles and books. It is five or six pages so send a little if you can to contribute. The first moot was/ is (its weird talking abt. something that will happen before you're finished because you had to redo five pages) October 14 <an arrow is drawn in, crossing out older, illegible text>. First moot: 8:00. Mary Matheson's, 204 Bay State, Alhambra. They'll be monthly. More when developments come off. Anyone interested in Tolkien Philosophy should be facinated @fascinated@ with it. About Hobbit enterprises: In the Silverlake, L.A., area was a place called _Hobbiton_, now gone. Also at 5th & Wilshure, Santa Monica, was a small restaurant called _The Hobbit_ now no longer in business. _Hobbit House_ is at 5690 The Plaza, Twenty-nine Palms, Calif. _Middle-earth_ is at 18467 Ventura Blvd., Reseda, and there is also a _Middle-earth_ on 552 Stanyan St., San Francisco. _The Elven Door_ is at 116 Hermosa Ave., Hermosa Beach, Calif. The Tolkien-Rock band _Thorinshield_ has recorded such things as "Lonely Mountain" and is here (Sim Farar, 8833 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, Cal., Suite 405). _Lothlórien_ can be hopefully found at 2511 Channing Way, Berkeley, Cal. _The Gandalf Music Co._'s address is: 1936 Dime Building, Detroit, Michigan. Of course _Hobbit Town_, the hippie town in Northern Califania @California@. Bob Foster mentioned something about a "Halfling____, a restaurant in California, I think. The Fantasy Faire's (see later) _Smaug's Stash_ may be more than temporary. I don't know. The restaurant _Beef N' Beer_ on the Sunset Strip near Doheny (says Owen Hannifen, 508 S. St. Andrews, L.A. Cal. 90005) served such delicacies on its menu as "Galadriel's Delight", @"@Frodo Frankfurters", "Bilbo's Burgers", "The Nine Rings" (nine flavors of jello), and other such interests. The waitresses were even dressed elvishly! But then for some mysterious reason it felt well-off and decided to be like everyone else. When it did, it failed. A New Map is out. It is sponsored by Houghton-Mifflin and is more or less a blow up of the Hardbound maps (I understand JRRT's son Christopher did the original maps). It plots the courses of the members of the Fellowship. There are minor errors just as in the Ballantine but both are exciting. They are $2.00 at The Kazoos (1 Colorado, Pasadena, Calif. I think, and 424½ N. Fairfax, L.A., Calif.) and elsewhere. Vroman's in Pasadena might carry them. Another map-poster (_rumoured_ to be bad) is from Bruin, 104 E. 40th St., N.Y., N.Y. 10016 @ $1.50. _TFotR_ cover-travel poster and Ballantine map are also $1.50 each from Kazoo, Vroman's shops around, TSA (too slow) and Ballantine (101 Fifth Ave., N.Y., N.Y., 10003). Posters of Frodo and Gandalf (colorful but need getting used to as they're not completely accurate, at least the Frodo) from shops & from Berkeley Bonaparte, P.O. Box 1250, Berkeley, Calif. 94701, @ $1.00 each. Other items mentioned elsewhere. As for buttons: there are many new ones out: Frodo Gave His Finger For You (reflecting the Christ Died For Our Sins stickers!). Admit Middle- earth To The U.N., Take A Hobbit To Lunch, Gollum Eats Goblins, Help Feed My Hobbit, etc. I don't know half the button suppliers but The Big Store, 112 MacDougal St., N.Y., N.Y. carries some as well as most Shops and the Kazoos. The S.F.-Berkeley shops have a lot. TSA has the usual ones (Support Your Local Hobbit, Frodo Lives-Roman, Frodo Lives-Elvish, Gandalf For President, Come to Middle-earth, Go-Go Gandalf w/ Firelighting Charm etc.) but if you need them now forget it. J.R.R. Tolkien Is Hobbit-forming is at Kazoo. Fred Patten (1704-B S. Flower St., Santa Ana) has some of the 'odd' buttons. John Clossen, (179 E. Houston St., N.Y., N.Y. 10002, unless moved) was original designer and has/had plotted an elaborate Mordor Button. He's recieving the TSA Button Service I hear. At the Lyton Savings Children's Book Exhibit there was a button with Bilbo on it (Fred Patten wore it to Party). The La Crescenta smial last year made up a bunch of paper buttons with various slogans and began putting them around the school. Soon there arose a faction of social snobs calling themselves the AntiHobbit League who tried to remove all the buttons but pilfered out after a few weeks. So far very few correct (there are quarrels with even the accepted ones') elvish ones have appeared. The Kazoo (etc.) elvish buttons have fantastic slogans (Remember the Ring, Tolkien is hobbit-forming, God is in M-e, Puff Pipeweed, May the hair between your toes grow & grow, Gandalf for President, Hobbit-Happiness, Come to M-e, Go-Go Gandalf) but are ALL WRONG. If you have any sense of justice do not buy them. I don't know [unreadable] they are [unreadable] out we are trying to stop them. Apparently (according to Chris [page 5] <Margin writing:A futile attempt to copy some things from envelopes that Bev Bullock [907 Walnut Ave., Syracuse, N.Y. 13210] sent me ~ she does some pseudo-psychadelic posters on JRRThings*> Barczak who went down to the L.A. original outlet, they were contracted for the designs and so they were able to pass the off as correct. Wherever you see them write there and say to stop using them until corrected. Indeed, any slogan or button you don't like, do something about it. (If you complain about this being so crampacked its @it's@ because I have so much material I won't use but not enuf @enough@ Money to print ½ of it!). Buttons: Horatio Co. 27 W 86th St., N.Y., N.Y., 10024 Intersted in Hobbit Talk? Correspondence the exchanging of ideas on Tolkien and interests and such is very fun. Gary Clinton, Hallmaster of a mod el smial in Lindenhurst, N.Y. is interested in all corresponding and if you like to write he'll act as a cleaning house and eager receptor. Communicate by plantir to: 466 No. Delaware, Lindenhurst, N.Y., 11757. World Harmony Inc. (Craig Becker, 1720 S. Mar- shall Rd. #17, Boulder, Colorado, 80302 or Myrtle Rees, Joshua Tree, Calif. 92252, POB 4) believes that Tolkien "knows of what he speaks", that the Nine Walkers have risen through others again to perform another Task, and that the Cosmic Philosophy of Tolkien is to be learned. At least this is what I can gather. On Elvish: Dictionaries: Bob Foster (Glossary in Niekas's Cory Seidman (90-59 56th Ave, Elmhurst 73, N.Y.); Lindenhurst Smial; Marcella Juhren; and the gigantic one of Sandy Ballif's (3869 Deervale Dr., Sherman Oaks, Cal., 91406). As for modes of writing elvish: there are so many different ways bu the best locally are Glen Goodknights's (see invitations or write for Sheet) and Stan Hoffman's (7657 Orion, Van Nuys, Cal., 91406). On Sandy's dictionary: she's done a lot of work in grammar in Sindarin and Quenya and through the Dic. is incomplete it lists most words. FRODO _LIVES_! In a mock satire on the Establishment _Esquire_, Sept. '67, p.89, says that _Stranger in a Strange Land_ (a very strange book) is replicating Tolkien _Esquire_ (488 Madison Ave., N.Y., N.Y. 10022), a hobbit patron, should be told (with your cards) that Frodo is not dead! Please write them with two words. On page 99 a pet rabbit "Gandalf" is mentioned. NEW TOLKIEN BOOKS! _The Road Goes Ever On_ (we call it the Tolkien Songbook) is being printed this month (about the 18th of October): $3.95 from Houghton-Mifflin. Will be carried by bookstores and Kazoos and such as well as by mail. Dick Plotz and Bob Foster read a Xerox last summer and Bob says it contains some translations of the Elbereth prayers and valuable information on the Mysteries (Valar, Elder King, etc.). Also included are many songs by the Broadway team Flanders and Swann! Says National Review (Juy 11, '67, p.756): "Now we can sing along with Frodo, Bilbo, et al. -- Donald Swann (of Flanders and) has dropped his hat and set to music seven of the songs in _The Hobbit_ & _TLotR_. The book will include piano accompaniments, guitar chords, and yet more of Tol- kien's scholarly impedimenta." Also out is the 2nd edition of JRRT's _Sir Gawain and the Green Knight_, a translation (etc. ($4.00, Oxford Unversity Press). AND, Coming in about a month from H-M ($1.95) is T's _Smith of Wooton Major_, an enchanting story of an old English villiage which holds a festival every 24 yrs. at which is offered to one child a special, mystical gift and the odd chance which brings this gift to a certain boy. AND, As for that enigma _The Silmarillion_, which has held so many in suspense for Eru- knows-how-long, as well as holding up such things as the possible _Akallabeth_, the full tale of Numenor, we are no closer to knowing its whereabouots. Bob Foster has no idea and says its @it's@ digusting. I mentioned that of Tolkien lives to 90 we may still get more after It, but he said that if he lives till then we won't see the _S_ till then. Oh well. Current rumours: Publishers have it in hand but not sure if it'll sell, It wll not be out for a couple of years according to CS Kilby who helped on it a summer ago, It will be in three or four volumes, It will be out by December in one monster volume, etc. The Tolkien Songbook should be an appetizer to tide us over. Mention of _The Silmarillion_ was made in the Janauary, '67, _Seventeen_ article. Keep your pointed ears open. FILMS! Well more or less. Trinka, a Cheslosovakian company is putting out a totally distorted film on _The Hobbit_ without dwarves, and having a princess to save and is abt. [page 6] 12 minutes long. I _think_ it was mentioned in the Oct. '66 _Diplomat_. Fight this thing. Fred Patten may know more about it. BUT of even more interest: when the hardbounds first came out in the middle fifties a large scale project was organized to make _TLotR_ into a full length movie with actors, not just animation. A script was written and Ron Cobb (1163 3/8 N. Orange Grove,Los Angeles,90046)<cross>. who does the week1y FP cartoons, painted about 10 scenes. Nearly one million dollars was raised and the idea was taken to Disney, who said he couldn't afford to do it*. Forry Ackerman (915 s. Shelbourne Dr., L.A.90035) then went to England and talked to Tolkien himself. Tolkien was delighted with the paintings as they matched his own sketchs perfectly, and extended and invitation to Mr. Cobb to visit him sometime (which he is thinking on doing). Somehow, and in mysterious circumstances, the paintings and project disappeared and has never been solved. Tolkien did not approve the script by the way so it wasn't done. I don't know half the info about this project or how much is rumour but I know it's true. Write the knowledgeable parties. Ron Cobb and a friend Ken Forsse at this time were also working on some model mechanical orcs about a yard high. I don't know how far they got but they were reputed to be "twice as life-like as Disneyland's Mr. Lincoln". And to think that this information has been considered routine fan knowledge? Whew.** NOTES: Tolkien is pronounced Tol-KEEN by JRRT but TOL-keen by his publishers.... Marcella Juhren has done extensive research on Tolkien plant and Flora. T says that the study of trees has always been a facination for him.... _The Magic Flute_ by Mozart will be at the LA Music Center Nov. 29 and Dec. 5 (how did that get in there?).... Gimli is reputedly a small town (pop.l871) on south shore of Lake Winnipeg, Canada... Look at the clouds on the Travel Poster between the branches in the center. Look like a wizard?... From my observation of fans they tend to be: extremely individualistic, good students, undependable at times, Joy-loving...... On a recent Merv Griffen show there, was mention of a coming record _The Hobbit_... On the cover of _The Son of KRLA- 21 Solid Rocks_ (a record if you're wondering) someone is holding up a Frodo Lives sign... For more map completists label Mirrormore and Enchanted River... Thorni Oakenshield co- stars in the BB _Hobbit_(see your Index to see what I mean)... The Frasiers (10523 Exposition Blvd.,L.A.,Cal.) and the Holmeses get together for sessions of reading _The Hobbit_ out-loud... eleven in German is 'elf'... Orcs of the World Unite!... A chapter in Bullfinch's Mythology is The Orc'... Paul Skeeters, a hobbit, has been asked to revise the Tarzan books for classroom use. Mr. Skeeters (2523 Lincoln, Duarte, Cal.) is English head at my High School and helped sponsor Yule Moot '66... What does Anor have to do with Narya?... Since Lynda Johnson has read _TLotR_ I was interested to see the headline announcement of her marriage: "Ring On Her Finger"... At West Covina H.S. last year during A.S.B elections eight votes were cast for Gollum for president (3 were misspelled)... The recent MIT S-F Soc. bulletin-magazine announced that a member, Russel Seitz had been to London recently and uncovered a curious gold ring with figures vaguely like elvish in the British Museum surrounded by 7th-century artifacts and upon ask- ing the museum directors he was told that it was withdrawn for examination in the 1930's by a famous philologist named Tolkien. More on this in an upcoming Niekas article... Anyone for tackling a pronunciation dictionary?... Sandy Ballif says that the favorite beach book this summer was The Hobbit (running a close second to _Valley of the Dolls_ maybe)... The white horse upon green was an early Saxon symbol which lives today in the arms of County Kent, but on red... Bev Bullock (907 Walnut Ave., Syracuse, N.Y. l3210)says that her little brother was watching the "8 Man" show and says there is an evil creature called 'Gollum' on it calling things 'his precious'. Does JRRT know of this if its true?. She also says that scrawled on the Syracuse U. Forestry School.. is "Treebeard for Dean of forestry school!" and millions of hearts with "Gimli + Galadriel".She's head of the University smial, closes with "Buy Middle-earth Savings Bonds" and "Denethor is a pyromaniac"!... Jonna Bernstein (380 N. Niagara. Ave., Lindenhurst, N.Y.ll757) did a painting of Minas Morgul for a summer art class (I am proud recipient of a small watercolor copy). People kept coming up and saying things like, "Ugh! what a horrible place. How can you stand looking at it!@?@" and one teacher said, "Jonna, do you often have nightmare's like this?" Says she: "It's about the only time I've been overjoyed at being told,'That picture has an eerie, horrible look' or 'Good grief! That ground looks like a volcanic-ashed coal-slag!'" She also signed it in elvish and spent half-an-hour explaining that it wasn't Arabic.... The record time for reading the trilogy and Hobbit through is (that I know of) Chuck McMillan(2144 E. James Ave., West Covina,Valifania @California@, 91790)... If this were still called _Nazg_ I could say it is late 'cause someone kept trying to throw it in a volcano..actually I wouldn't <Handwritten.>*_Correctly_ **_No_ <Unreadable> <cross>Has moved. Contact FP.<End Handwritting.> [page 7] [ureadable] which...Andy Boroker (5027 T.G. Blvd. Temple City, Cal.), who is quite wizardish and supplies me with info, suggests that elves were made in mockery of orcs! He's getting a supercharged gray car and's calling it 'Shadowfax'...Steve Pawloski, of the Lindenhurst smial (which went on a mushroom hunt) went to his freshman orientation week at Union College. The second night there was a discussion of two books thought to be interesting in relation to society, civilization, yourself, etc. and _one_ was _The Hobbit_...Twanovie (Bev Bullock) suggests trying Sam's "Troll Sat Alone on His seat of Stone" to tune of "A Fox Went Out on the Hunt One Night" (Smothers [unreadable])...Melanie Weiss suggests trying the Black Speech ring inscription to the theme of 'Lawrence of Arabia'...During the Sunset Strip riot conditions last Fall, Uncle Tom says that on the old Fifth Estate Coffee House someone had scribbled: "The Nine Are Abroad".... Simone Wilson: "Caution, smoking pipeweed may be hazardous to your health."..."Johnson [unreadable]orc" is one grossly misspelled elvish button. The chop seems to be reversed....A pipelore pamphelt @pamphlet@ can be had from: Yellow-Hole Pipes Inc., N.Y., N.Y. 10022, Dept. L96.... Remember: A Ring on the Hand is worth two in the River....Heraldic Publishing Co., 305 West End Ave., N.Y., N.Y. 10023 has just published some old books (?) of interest: _Patronymica Britannica_ by M.A. Lower, _Surnames As a Science_ by Robert Ferguson, and _A Glossary of Terms Used in British Heraldry_. An excellent introduction to genealogies is "Try Climbing Your Family Tree" in _Reader's Digest_ Sept. '67....Good mushroom article in Oct. '65 _National Geographic_...Hobbitry has stimulated my interest in quaint foods. Local papers often carry good things in their Food Section. _LATimes_, Oct. 12, '67, had a very hobbitish story on apples for instance: Sept. 24, '67 West (section) carried "A Wide World of California Wines"....A member of The Who, r&r band, is John Entwhistle. Hmmm....Along with Thorni @Thorin@ is Bilbo Baggins of the Shire! (H.98)....Melanie Weiss: "Tolkien did a fantastic piece of writing when he wrote Chapter XII((_H_)). His characterization of Smaug is perfect--instead of making Smaug the usual terrible dragon, he gave him a real character, and made him seem plausible--which is a perfectly wonderful thing when you're writing about a dragon." What really suprised me unexpectedly was when Smaug talked....Does anyone really know what the picture is on bacover _TJ_ III:1? ...Gray Havens were town with gates and harbor....Ilmarin (does anyone know exactly what it is? BB,I,309,310,482) is pronounced Ïl`-mar-in as explained to me by Ioreth (partly because it has to be to fit into the meter of the 309 poem)....Melanie read some things from _TFotR_ to her English class last year and said they loved it, while the year before everyone laughed. "The time is right my friend" says she. Some grafiti she found: "Sauron's pot smokes" (Mt. Doom?), "Miorin kills bad orcs in less than a minute", "Gandalf eats lichee nuts", etc. In a library Book @book@ she found a slip of paper with "Treebeard eats cauliflower"....On one quiz there was the question: "What do hobbits smoke?" Answer, of course, was: bananas....Dolores Diaz (a good runeist) suggests: "I wonder if after the encounter with Shelob, if Frodo and Sam did not suffer from Arachnephobia @arachnophobia@. I'm sure orcs never suffered from necrophobia."....Other advertising: Frodo saves at Security National....A recent controversy has come up about Bilbo's relation to Frodo: p.55,I,BB, says he is nephew (accepted idea) but I,BB,43 and 45 say "cousin". Bob Foster says that because Bilbo had no children and Drogo & Primula did (Frodo) they are cousin (once removed) and uncle-nephew (once-removed)....Like the maiming of Frodo, Beren also recieved a wound: the loss fo a hand apparently by the III,BB,281 reference, during his forray to Thangorodrim. I think this is an exceptio