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[page 29] DONALD MARKSTEIN 2232 Wirth Pl, New Orleans, La. 70115 HOOM arrived when I was away at Baycon, or comin back from Baycon or something like that, and I put off loccing until I got settled with the new semester and all. For an apazine, this is pretty thick. Lots of general interest stuff in there too, which is OK for me, but if they're all like that in N'APA, who can read them? Get rid of JOE'S TURN. I'm not that long out of my teens myself but the thing seemed completely alien to me. Except for liking the RINGS, I couldn't agree with a word he said. Who needs discussions of rock music in fanzines? There must be a rock fandom somewhere; there seems to be one for everythign else, and if there isn't then he can go and create one. I've got a taper, and I'm moderately interested in tape robining, if only to find out what some people sound like. I'm not that well up on Tolkien--only read him once, whcih seems almost too few times with some of the details people dig up--details I could never have noticed. I'd like the one you might start on sf- fantasy, though. I can handle 1-7/8, 3-3/4, 7-1/2: four track or two. Let me know what kind of response you get. Some of your readers might be able to help me. My local club's 00, NOLAZINE, is in desperate need of a certain bit of Tolkien material. We want to publish three reviews of his books, one with high praise, one mildly enthusiastic, and one damning it to hell. Trouble is, nobody around here who read the books wants to write the third one. The first two are easy. Soon as we get the third, those will be written. Does anybody out there dislike Tolkien enough to put his name on an article condemning him? [unreadable], Donald Markstein