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[page 17] _BOB FOSTER_ 376 E. 8th St. Brooklyn, N.Y. 11218 Entmoot is great - a whole fanzine in which to fight over _LotR_ interpretation. I do have a few quibbles, complaints, ideas and queries plus a major point. 1) Eowyn (if it be she) on p.26 is ghastly. Her face is too thin and pale, clothing isn't right and the epée is horrible. Eowyn is _not_ Reepacheep --Middle-earthers use broadswords. 2) The controversy over musical settings for Elven-songs seems to be based on rather infirm foundations. For one thing, the musical instruments in _LotR_ and The _Hobbit_ may merely be Englished approximations of the "real" Elvish instruments. Also, the scores of Elven-songs exist [page 18] only in Tolkien's mind. 3) Finally, my main purpose. How about a big discussion - a symposium - on why people read & like Tolkien? -/that's one question I realized too late, was left out of The Symposium/- There are a lot of reasons: _LotR_ is another fantasy for diehard sf'ers; it's escape for some people (although the escape is "into" something instead of "out of" our world-- Audrey Weinstein); it's "something different" for frustrated would-be individualists; it's a very good book for discerning general readers; it's an opportunity for linguistic & historical study for students of language and mythology. Why not set aside a portion of the TÎW for letters representing these various views? -/Why have a special section? The lettercol is always open to anything the readers want to talk about./-