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[page 17] _THOMAS COLLINS_, Book Editor, THE DAILY CALIFORNIAN, Esshleman Hall, University of California, Berkeley 4, Calif. Dear Sir, I am interested in doing an article on Tolkien's epic, and I find myself in need of further information. I would like to see as many different copies of "Entmoot" as you have available, and would like as much information about the publication as you think is relevant. Gollum, incidentally, is being run for Ugly Man by a group of students known as Orcs and Goblins. Ugly Man is voted for on the basis of the amount of money raised by the sponsoring group for Cal Camp, a summer camp run for underprivileged children in the area, and sponsored entirely by students. -/Not only that, but they printed up some buttons (black on green) saying @"@Gollum for Ugly Man; a local fan managed to obtain one, but he says they're limited in supply and impossible to get./-