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[page 7] _JAMES WRIGHT_ 1605 Thayer, Richland, Wa. 99352 USA _Entmoot_ 2: I thought the cover was quite well done, and would like to see more of Bill Reynolds' work . -/You will. The trouble is that much of his stuff is to @too@ large to work conviently @conveniently@ with and needs must be printed as foldouts and the like, which is expensive./- Tolkien art is a very fertile field to work in, and I would like to see more encouragement and discussion of it in _Entmoot_. And, of course, more art. As for Tolkien music/poems, I'm very much interested in the promotion of the Tolkien folksongs, and would like to see some sort of attempt made to tape a sizeable collection of the better interpretations. (A dream I've had is to see an album of @Tfolksongs@, but this is pretty far-fetched.)-/Oh yeah? I remember you said the same about the possibility of paperback versions of L0TR. See Plotz' letter in this issue; it may surprise you./- [page 8] When I said there was no chance of a pb _Lord of the Rings_, I was thinking of a one-volume edition (somehow serial pbs didn't strike me as being saleable). Now, of course, with the popularity among the colleges of Tolkien, he may end up as printed as Salinger or somebody like that. _Entmoot_ 3: I didn't care too much for the cover. What was it, anyway? Gimli? -/I think so/- The title of your letter column is a Miserable Pun, and Yog-Suthoth and Cthulhu should get you for it, not to mention tne whole Middle Earth crew itself. Ugh. -/heh heh/- I doubt if anyone is interested, but I might as well say that of all the characters in the Ring trilogy, the Ents fascinate me most. (I hesitate to say they are my favorites; it sounds so stupid.) Their psychology is much 1ike that of the Istari, but adapted to their particular characteristics. The expression of Treebeard's: "Hoom," is one I have been using for some time now because it is so wonderfully expressive and rich. It seems to me that research into the Ents and their language could prove valuable. Perhaps I'11 do it myself. I don't understand Mebane's comment that Tengwar 25 should be used to represent the untrilled "r" when Tolkien has provided us with a symbol for it already, No.21. I a1so see you, Greg, use the Tiw 25 a lot, too. I use 21 a11 the time, for two reasons: 1 ) it is the proper symbol and 2) it looks better than the other one. -/what a coincidence; those are the very reasons I use the other one/- I found the questions on the Tolkien Symposium so provacative I dare not try to answer them for the symposium itself. They are so worthy of extended comment I've decided to discuss them as completely as possible in a publication of my own, probably devoted to this single objective. Your representation of the FĂ«anorean on page 22 is extremely beautiful. Congratulations on a job excellently done. <-/>thanks</-> The Angerthas, however, are wretched. -/sorry-/ As you may or may not know, John Boardman and I worked out a method for playing Diplomacy based in Middle-Earth. The map for this, with a sketch of the rules, was published in a previous _Graustark_. Generally I think _Entmoot_ is a tremendous success,far surpassing _I Palantir_. It has inspired me to re-interest myself in Tolkien, and to actually start thinking about fantasy in a constructive light again, which is more than any other fanzine has done. So take a bow. You've actually put a gleam into cynical embittered James Wrignt's eye. This is tne first time I've been really enthusiastic about something in fandom for a long time. Hoom. -/Gee/-