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[page 1] Donations are now being accepted to keep YRCH from going bankrupt. Actually, things aren't that bad, but just wait until I take over completely. Masters and paper do cost, you know, and the few people who do help aren't enough. Oh, well... Last week was the first faculty talk in the seminar. Mrs. Margaret Grimes of the comparative lit department spoke on European mythology and THE LORD OF THE RINGS, which proved to be fascinating. Her comments of orcs throughout history were especially enlightening to those creature of darkness who wanted to learn more of their heritage. (Ahem.) And Elves do shimmer. I am looking forward to hearing her again, if possible. Too bad she won't be teaching comp lit next term, but the department seems to have run out of funds and so 202 has been eliminated. However, she will be teaching English 206, section 15 next term, for those who are interested. Curse you, Kappa! Hopefully we will hear Meyer wolff of the linguistics department and what he has to say about the languages of the peoples of Middle Earth. (Hopefully, also, I will learn to type, and maybe even as well as Tracie. Wow! Thrills!!) Gary was over in the library the other day, reading articles on THE LORD OF THE RINGS, and found some interesting things, mostly translations. Balrog, for instance, is (I think) an Anglo-Saxon term for "Exciser of Evil." Shelob means she-spider, as might be expected, but Smeagol and Deagol would appear in an Anglo-Saxon translation of Genesis as Cain and Abel. Gollum's cavern will disappear in the [UNREADABLE} for a [UNREADABLE] of interesting reasons, which [UNREADABLE] better left secret. Oddly [UNREADABLE] I will [UNREADABLE] meeting [UNREADABLE] science Remember, all those who will be in the New England area over Spring break. The March General meting of the Tolkien Society of America will be held at Boskone V, March 23-24. Write Paul Galvin, 219 Harvard St., Cambridge, Mass. 02139 for details. The MSU Tolkien Fellowship Song Book is coming out in a second revised and enlarged edition next term. If you have any new songs to add, give them to Tracie. Or write some new ones over break. The Colonel Balrog Passion has about had it. St. Louis in 69!