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[page 1] YRCH! {Title art: "YRCH!" is written in large Gothic-style letters.} YRCH #3, the newsletter of the Michigan State University Tolkien Fellowship, published two or three time a week. Editorial offices: 1217 S. Hubbard, MSU, East Lansing, Mich. 48823 (Tracie's). Editors: Sue Anderson, Rita Berens, Tracie Brown, Va. Dabney, Seth McEvoy, Steve Messamer, Celeste Milavec and Gary Phillips. Wow! Zimiamvian Publication # 12. YRCH! is here again, fulfilling its avowed purpose of informing, entertaining and generally astounding the world with its tenacity. As you may have noticed, the editorial staff has expanded. We are sitting in the art locker room in South Hubbard grinding out another issue of YRCH! and watching the orcs watch us. There is a faint odor of insense @incense@ and the sounds of an argument over the pronunciation of Leiber rage. [page 2] Correction; YRCH! is published two or three times _monthly_; we aren't that ambitious. And as the intrepid pilot Tom Swift dropped his nuclear devices on a giant pickle, the people shouted, "Look! Tom bombed a dill!"