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[page 1] NEWS OF THE MSU TOLKIEN FELLOWSHIP: _Regular meetings_ are now held after the Ennorology Seminar (see below). If you don't find us in G-34, look in the Fee grill. _Ennorology Seminar_: Middle Earth Studies is held every Thursday at 8 pm in G-34 North Hubbard (basement). That is except for the Feb. 29 meeting, which will be held Feb. 28. *_FEB, 29 has been moved to FEB, 28* The reason for the change is that our speaker will not be available on Thursday. Speaking on European Myths and THE LORD OF THE RINGS will be Mrs. Margaret Grimes of comparative literature. Her specialties are medieval studies and myth and ritual, and she is indeed a fascinating speaker. This week's discussion will be on TREE AND LEAF, especially the "Essay on Fairy Stories." '"Yrch!" said Legolas, putting his foot in his mouth.'