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[page 2] NEWS OF THE MSU TOLKIEN FELLOWSHIP: Such as the _Birthday Party_ January 3, celebrating the 76th birthday of J.R.R. Tolkien. For all of you who weren't there, you missed a good party, including a performance of the song cycle THE ROAD GOES EVER ON ( Tolkien/Swann) by the fellowship mixed-up chorus with orc-estral accompanimient by TRB at the piano. Also there was _food_, featuring a fresh-baked birthday cake decorated in Tengwar by Virginia. Attendance was about 20, reduced by the fact that student presence on campus was not required until the next day; but then, cutting a cake into more than 20 pieces would have been difficult. The next Fellowship party will take place Jan. 25, and will be the world premiere of the oratorio "The Casting Down of the Balrog," which is what Gary and Seth were rehearsing just a minute ago. Featured in solo parts will be Gary as Gandalf, Seth McEvoy as the Balrog, Bill West as Aragorn, Steve Messamer as Legolas, John Vinson as Gimli, Ralph Fellows narrating, Steve Wood trumpet solo (Boromir) and a chorus of trolls led by Virginia. Orcestra conducted by Tracie who, incidentally, is the composer. (Cringe, ) ((Ditto!)) (((Virginia is not going to lead any trolls, and she will be annoyed if any follow her.))) Free University _Ennorology Seminar_; Middle Earth Studies. According to Seth, who is our missing link with the Free U, that organization is responsible for setting up classes in whatever interests students, on a non-credit basis. Unlike most other Free Universities, this one is _not_ subvertized by the SDS. Ennorology is derived from the Sindarin Ennor , Middle Earth and the Greek logos. The seminar will consist of whatever interests the class members, and for a start will offer instruction in Tengwar and Runes. If interested, call Virginia or Tracie, 35-38098 or Gary, 35-38185. Or write. _Regular meetings_ of the Tolkien Fellowship are held every Thursday at 8:00 pm in the Fee Grill. If you have never been to one, just listen for the ARGH!s and you'll find us, or call the editors for a native guide. Or if you can't come, call (or write) anyway. We'd like to hear from you.