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[page 1] <Yrch!> "Yrch!" said Legolas, falling into his own tongue.' I:500 {Image: One the top right corner of the page is a drawing of what apperas to be a large tongue with two feet sticking out of it. The word "Yrch!" is handrwitten next to the drawing.} YRCH ! is the newsletter of the Michigan State University Tolkien Fellowship, published two or three times a month, or whenever the editors can't get together four for bridge. The title refers to the editors, who are, at this point: Gary Phillips, Virginia Dabney and Tracie Brown. Correspondence may be addressed to Gary, 264 North Hubbard, MSU, East Lansing, Mich.48823 or Tracie or Virginia, 1217 S. Hubbard. YRCH! #1 is Zimiamvian Publication #lO. The purpose of YRCH! is known only to Eru, but it gives us something to do when we can't get a bridge game going. And since only two of the editors play bridge... Actually, the MSU Tolkien Fellowship is not that small, and it isn't at all hard to find four bridge players in its membership at any one time. As a matter of fact, they spend all their time playing bridge and can stop only with great difficulty. (This part or YRCH! is exclusively the responsibility if @of@ Tracie Brown, who does not play bridge and is the sole stabilizing element of the editorial board. I play Diplomacy, which should be played with seven...) YRCH! is intended as a means of communication among members of the smial and between this smial and others. If you are not a member of the Fellowship, or have never met one of the editors, then you are receiving this because a little dwimmerlaik flew in the 12th floor window and told us that you, too, are an ennorologist. Or it could be that Gil suggested that you might want one. A little bit about Zimiamvian Publications, which operates out of 1217 S. Hubbard, prop., T. Brown . This does not mean that I'm going to take over YRCH!, even though I am doing the editorial meanderings now. I also publish THE MAGIC BAGEL, a fantasy fanzine for which I am putting in a plug right now. (Available free on request, though a 5ยข stamp would help things.) It contains fiction, art, poetry, articles and /refuse/, reviews, and contributions are exceedingly welcome. There is also the sf oriented COSMIC CRULLER and a semi-hibernating newsletter CHRYSOPHYLAX, which is undergoing an editorial purge and should emerge vastly changed. End of ad. Hello! This is Gil, who has just stolen the typewriter from Tracie and will proceed to destroy the continuity of her Hello! This is Tracie, who has just stolen the typer _back_ from Gil, thank you. Take it, Gary. NO. What do you mean, no? I'm busy playing bridge with the Balrog. (Faint crash in background.) _Take it_, Gary! Actually, only folk-singers are obligated to take it, but since I also dabble in the fine art (??) of folk music, I find that it is my duty to interrupt this ridiculous raving of our poor neglected editor to interject a large ARRGHH!! And now back to our regularly scheduled program... We interupt this broadcast for an important message: TURN, TURN, TURN. [page 2] My goodness! If we keep this up they're going to think we really exist! If we keep this up, _we're_ going to think we really exist! This is Gil again, here to finish this off. These people can be serious if they try, but it is trying indeed. ((How observant of you, Gil)) It's up to me to make a serious request for letters of comment, letters of information and letters or *criticism*. And some response from the MSU crowd. About the parentheses: they indicate interruption by (Tracie) ((Gary)) and (((Virginia))) respectively. Here follows a membership list of the MSU Tolkien Fellowship, with school addresses, for the convenience of members who can never remember who is who. Also telephone numbers, in case anyone wants to make anonymous calls in the middle of the night. Feanor was a revolting Noldo.