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[page 2] TOLKIEN {Title Art: The word "TOLKIEN" is written in stylized block letters with sharp angles and purple accents in the form of triangles and other polygons inside the letters.} IN MAGAZINES After becoming a Tolkien fan(atic) this summer, I was interested in reading what others have said about him. So, I went through the _Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature (Unabridged)_ and compiled a list of all the magazine articles which have been written about him or his books to this date. Since I think that many readers would also be interested in reading those articles, here is my compilation. Each entry contains the magazine's name, the issue date, page number of the article and its title. I've managed to get hold of most of the articles, and they are for the most part quite good. The ones in the "Horn Book" and in the "Wilson Library Bulletin" are the least interesting. The article "Oo, those @Those@ Awful Orcs!" in _Nation_ is of interest since it is highly critical of Tolkien--perhaps some reader would like to write a counter-criticism of it. AMERICA Feb. 18, '67 p. 254 "Lord of the Rings" LADIES' HOME JOURNAL Feb. '67 p. 58 "Why Frodo Lives" ESQUIRE Sept., '66 p.130 "Hobbit Habit" LIFE Feb. 24 '67 p. 10 "Can America Kick the Hobbit?" HOLIDAY June, '66 p. 128 "Tolkien's Magic Ring" NATION April 14, '56 p. 312 "Oo, Those Awful Orcs" HORN BOOK Oct., '63 p. 457 "On Fairy-Stories" May 8, '67 p. 598 "Tolkien & Hesse: Top of the Pops" Aug., '65 p. 364 "Elvish Art of Enchantment" NEW REPUBLIC Jan. 15, '65 p. 24 "Fantastic World of Prof. Tolkien" [page 3] NEW YORKER Jan. 15, '66 p. 364 "Elvish Mode SATURDAY REVIEW Jan. 28, '56 p. 11 "History Through the Mind's Eye" N.Y. TIMES MAGAZINE Jan. 15, '67 p. 30 "Prevalence of Hobbits" SEVENTEEN April, '66 p. 153 "Face-to-Face With R.D. Plotz, Founder of the Tolkien Society of America" Jan., '67 p. 92 "Tolkien Talks About the Discovery of Middle-Earth, the Origins of Elvish" PUBLISHER’s WEEKLY March 14, ’66 p. 37 “Ace Books Reaches Agreement with Tolkien” May 9, ’86 p. 31 “Reply, R. Unwin” TIME July 15, '66 p. 48 "Hobbit Habit" REDBOOK Dec., '67 p. 58 "Smith of Wooton Major" WILSON LIBRARY BULLETIN June, '57 p. 768 SATURDAY EVENING POST July 2, '66 p. 90 "Hobbit farming World of J.R.R. Tolkien” A number of articles have also been published in various more scholarly journals, which are much harder to obtain. However, I may compile this list, too, for the sake of completeness. If I do, I'll send it in to _Triplanetary_. Brian Libby