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[page 1] FROM THE EDITORS Tom and I are pleased to publish this, the second issue of our second volume _Triplanetary_. We regret that it took longer to assemble this issue than was thought, and that this issue is not longer than it is. However, we hope that you will find this is as pleasing than it is. However, we hope that you will find this as pleasing an last issue, and we invite you all to contribute to what we feel is a worthy cause. You will find new authors and artists in this issue, and we trust that you will like their work as much as we do. We would also like to express our utmost appreciation to those who helped out on this issue; especially to Gary Miller, who did a good deal of typing as well as collecting money, as the treasurer, and all that in addition to writing several stories and poems (not all of which we were able to publish this time): and to Nancy Lusk, Paul Miller, Kit Roe, and Debbie Cole, the competent artists whose artwork we are printing. Unfortunately, we must break the tradition of dedicating this issue to a particular author as was established in the last issue, for the essay which I had hoped to receive did not arrive. Therefore, the next issue will be dedicated to C.S. Lewis, the author of the Narnian Chronicles, the _Screwtape Letters_, and the Space Trilogy. Mr. Lewis was also a very close friend of Professor Tolkien. We would appreciate any essays which you Lewis fanatics could write, for this great author is deserving of all the praise which we can give. An "About the Authors" column will not be printed. All the names of the contributing authors and artists will be found in the Table of Contents. To all of the Neo-Numenerean members, please be sure to respond to Lawrence Bryk's _Mathom Sun_, and don't forget to vote in the coming election for King. A bulletin concerning this election will be, or already has been, sent out. Though we do not support any one candidate, we urge you to choose one who is a true leader, and well qualified for the job. We thank all of you for contributing, and hope all of you will continue to do so in the future. Thank you for your interest. Doug Cross, Associate Editor