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[page 49] I hope that all of you have enjoyed this issue of Triplanetary. I'm sorry that it took so long to come out, but I've had a lot of work to do, in addition to working on the paper. A paper of this size (approximately 50 pages, 150 copies) takes a lot of work, and money. I have no intention of letting the burden of the monetary funds rest on but a handful of individuals, as it has in the past. Therefore, I want _EVERYONE_ to contribute, in the way they see ift @fit@. I would prefer articles for the paper over money, but if you are unskilled in writing, then I do expect some financial aid. Money and articles can be sent via your friends, if you don't wish to write personally, but keep contributions labeled. If you find yourself unable to [page 50] donate either articles or money, but still wish a paper, then please write me and tell me so. I don't expect too many of these, however. I made this issue purposely large--somewhat like a sample issue. I have some extra copies, in ease you have some friends who you thing @think@ would enjoy the paper. If so, don't hesitate to ask for an extra copy. I hope that most of you will want to keep on the mailing list. If so, be sure to write, and send contributions. If I hear nothing from you, then I assume that you aren't interested in the paper, and do not wish another issue. We of _Triplanetary_ sincerely hope that you will find this paper satisfactory. Next issue promises to be bigger than this one. We should have more articles by such people as Ann Tonsor, Gary Miller, Bob Maach, Bill Tallen, Tom Cook, Marci Clark, Joe Thomas, Debbie Cole, Larry Bryk, Bill Oswald, and hopefully many more. I alsohope to receive more artwork from the latent art editors (Kit Roe, Larry Bryk, and Grant Hyatt). Nancy Lusk, who did an outstanding job, will have more time and hopes to improve the quality of our artwork (if possible). Due to circumstances beyond my control, the Thomas Bible and Agrapha were not printed in this issue. I hope to have them for the next. Again, I would like to express my thanks to all those who made this issue possible--the authors, and Nancy Lusk and Tom Cook in particular. Also, to my electric ditto which I just bought, as with out it, this issue wouldn't have come out for another month. That should wind it up for this issue of Triplanetary, so I urge you all to send commetns @comments@, criticisms, articles, money (to the treasurer), and artwork as soon as you can. Depending on the swiftness of your replies, the next issue should come out within a month or two. Doug Cross