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[page 46] The Arkenstone {Title Art: The previous title is hand written in red ink. The font accentuates serifs.} A dwarf lived in a mountain cave And fine gold he was try'n' to save. But O! how he toiled and slaved, And tore his nails on the angry clay. But one day as he dug alone, Bruis'n' his fingers to the bone. Miles below his cozy home He came upon silver stone. He claws the ground into the night; That silver vein was still in sight. But in the vein he saw a light, A pure white gem that shined so bright. {Image: A line drawing of a seed beginning to sprout appears to the right of the previous text. The image is inked in red.} They called that gem the Arkenstone And he kept it beside his throne.The silver made his people known And wealth and might became their own. They prospered by the things they wrought: The swords they made in battle fought, The jewels they carved by kings were bought, Their fame and fortune others sought. One cruel worm then was known Who wished the horde for his own. He came upon the people's homes And drove them out into the storm. {Image: A drawing of a single leaf is inked in red. It appears in the left margin between the second and third paragraphs.} A few escaped. West they flew. But all the rest that dragon slew. The few who fled, no home they knew But raised their sons upon the dew. Years did pass as on they marched. But then near the close of March Determination struck their hearts And towards that mountain they did barge. Adventures plagued, but on they came And finally that worm was slain But O! the Arkenstone of Thrain With Thorin Oakenshielf was lain. --Aran Celeborn