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[page 34] <handwritten> Far Out Unchartered Regions <end handwriting> {Image: A map of the area north of the Norther Waste fills half the page. The east-most portion of the map is demarcated by a coastline. The coastline features the Bay of Hanlad Ragûr in the north, a port city named Low Mist Havens at the center of the coast, and the Blue Mts. (Mountains) at the Sothern coast. The farthest northern reaches of the map mark the Far Waste, a vast expanse with no details. North of even the Far Waste, a fork of the Forithrin River leads to the Formost Black Mts. (Mountains). The Forithrin River runs from the Bay of Hanlad Ragûr to Olundrita, an undefined location just south of the Far Waste. The western boundary of the map is defined by the High Fold Grasspath, which leads into the Far Eastern Desert. The western boundary north of the Grasspath is marked by the following features from north to south: Lake Lahqûr, Forest Gapfell, and High Fold Pass. High Fold Pass marks a fork between two road systems: the High Fold Grasspath running east and the New Northway Road running both northwest and southwest from the Pass. The New Northway Road leads over Last Fold Bridge, through the Wailing Mts. (Mountains), up to [unreadable]thwith on the River. The eastern boundary south of High Fold Grasspath is marked by Fargraith, the Northern Waste, and, furthest to the south, an arrow that reads "To Mirkwood." The southern boundary of the map is marked by a caption reading "To Fornost + The Shire. The center of the map includes the following features, listed from west to east: Northmost: the Plain of Hanlad, Elad Gunwaith, Lake Agnû. Central regions: Caves of Ognodir, Elebone (Black Tower), Monlored, just south of Elebone, a town called Caine, and the Iron Halls, just south of Monlored. Monlored is surrounded by three groupings of mountains to the west, north, and east, the Iron halls demarcate the south. Central south: the River Longwater and New Northway Road make up this region. Assorted mountains and forests add decorative elements. South-most: Farnist Daie, and Norfork make up this region. The nature of both places is ambiguous.}