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[cover] Vol. 2 No. 1 TRIPLANETARY {Title Art: The title "TRIPLANETARY" is written diagonally across the cover from the bottom left corner to the top right in block letters. The letters' outlines are inked in green." {Cover art: The cover features a line drawing of the tree planets for which the fanzine is named after orbiting a stylized sun. The volume and issue numbers appear within the sun as block letters, their outlines inked in purple. The outline of the sun is inked in red. Eight points of light represent the corona. The three planets follow curved purple lines that represent their orbits. Each planet is trailed by a fiery wake, showing that all are moving in the same direction, counter-clockwise around the sun. Mercury is inked in purple. The outside of the planet is drawn as an ouroboros. Inside the ouroboros' ring appear the words "Mercury Eddison." "Mercury" is written in block letters; "Eddison" in cursive. Venus appears as a purple circle surrounding the text, handwritten in purple, "Perelandra C.S. Lewis." A multi-colored scene appears within the circle. A deciduous tree appears near a coast. Both are inked in green. A humanoid figure, inked in red, brings a blade down on a serpentine creature, inked in purple. To the right of the coast, water is inked in purple. Earth is represented by a circle surrounded by the text "MIDDLE EARTH TOLKIEN." "Middle" and "Tolkien" are inked in purple. "Earth" is inked in green. Within the circle are a series of crude drawings. A figure carries the Ring near the top of the image. The figure is inked in green; the Ring in purple Moving clockwise, the images appear as follows: a minimalist drawing of Gandalf's head is inked in red; seven pentagrams, inked in red, separate Gandalf from an unidentifiable creature, inked in purple. The creature features a large mouth, a blade in its left hand, and a shield bearing the Eye of Sauron in its right. The Eye of Sauron appears in red, followed, finally by a flaming volcano, probably Mt. Doom.}