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[page 5] <Handwritten.> TYRN GORTHAD <End handwriting.> by Rick Brooks I've let myself be talked into helping edit a fanzine after approximately ten years on the fringes of fandoms. I came into fandom via the collecting route. FANTASY COLLECTOR. The first time I met other fans was at the Pittcon in 1960. Then I went in the Air Force and pretty well drifted away from random except for collecting contacts. As this is written, I'm a senior in electrical engineering at Tri-State College in Angola, Ind., and should graduate in December if nothing gets loused up. I'm still not sure where I'll end up, but as of now it looks like I'll pick up a job in power or control systems and go to grad school part time towards an MA in history. I heartily detested history in high school, but find it the most fasinating thing that I've tackled in college. The difference is entirely in treatment. In high school, I memorized dates and people, and in college, we dealt with trends as to probably cause and effect relationships. Policy with regard to NARGOTHROND is still fluid. We hope to get off two or three issues before I graduate. Almost anybody we take a fancy to can get these. Then subscription policy will tighten up a bit. [page 24] continued from page 5 and we'll prune some of the deadwood from our mailing list. All written contributions should be sent to me. I'm chief writer-editor where Al is editor-publisher. We have nothing against fan fiction...or at least Al doesn't yet, but we prefer articles and we need artwork. And we will accept a wide assortment of articles. This issue I have ones on STAR TREK, a Max Brand Western series, and a sort of combination con report and critique. Also any article I'm too lazy to develop or even to finish gets thrown in "Random Jottings" as do short essays on anything that strikes my fancy and any short quotes I happen to stumble on. Articles on Tolkien, Captain Future and maybe even a book review on _Space Hawk_ by Gilmore, a sort of space going western that was one of the first three years of Astounding should be in the next issue. My policy on trades (Al isn't too interested) is I'm willing to try them, but if I don't care for your zine, I won't trade. I'm sending you a free copy of our zine, so if you're interested in trading, send me back one of yours, NARGOTHROND will be available for letters of comment. Subs will be 4 issues for a dollar or 3O¢ each.