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[page 1] NARGOTHROND 1 Put out by Tri-State Publishers whenever we damn well feel like it. For 30ยข an issue or 4 for $1. Also available for letters of comment and contributions. Send art work to Alan Thompson and articles and fiction to Rick Brooks; letters to either. Cover...KATHY BUSHMAN Who Am I?...ALAN THOMPSON (editorial) 2 Fun and Games Department 3-D Maze...ALAN THOMPSON 3 Tyrn Gorthad...RICK BROOKS (editorial) 5 On Vulcan Culture...RICK BROOKS 6 Pulp Corner On Whistlng Dan Barry...RICK BROOKS 10 Capsule Book Review...BUCK COULSON 17 A look at Some of the Aspects of the 1967 World Science Fiction Convention in New York City...Rick Brooks 18 Menel camae (letter column) KAY ANDERSON, KATHY BUSHMAN, SHERMA COMMFORD 27 Random jottings and books by Brooks crowded out this issue due to a shortage of masters and deadline. _ARTISTS_: Kathy BUSHMAN 7,25 [Four lines of unreadible text] editor: Rick Brooks R.R.1 Box 107 737 publisher: Alan G. Thompson P.O. Box 72 North Aurora, Illinois 60542