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[page 12] Lights! Camera! Action! Well, it seems like Frodo's hit the big time! Ian Ballantine announced at the T.S.A. meeting at the last World S.F. Con that the Lord of the Rings was to become a classic on the Silver Screen. We very well compare what will happen to the LoTR by what happened to Doctor Dolittle. Look in any department store of the near future and you may find the following merchanise. Little Cuudly Frodo Dolls Milton Bradleys @Bradley's@ Newest, War of the Rings Sauron capes Latest D.C. Comic- Super Gandalf & the Fighting Frodo team up to destroy the Horrible Hobbit! Doesn't that give you a sick feeling inside. Just wait till they come out with Walt Disney's Golden Book of The Lord of the Rings. I guess that's the way mass communication work. I haven't heard exactly who has bought the Lord of the Rings or what way the picture's going to be done. I did read that the man who animated the Beatle's "Yellow Submarine" might do the same for the LoTR. But Black Meanies? Sheesh! Also animations dont capture any acting at all. Can you imagine feeling excited when the Ring is tossed into the Cracks of Doom at a cartoon? If the movie corporation could get a good director in the scene the movie itself just might work out. Try and see Jean Luc Godard in the Director's seat. One sacrifice would have to be made by various smials. Letting in fake memebers who thought the movie was so good that they had to join up. Tolkien doesn't seem like the type of man who'd wnat to see his books on screen anymore than someone like J.D. SAlinger @J.D. Salinger@ would. I guess you could say Middle-Earth would seem too real for all of us, and would no longer be an escape into another world. I do not think there's any choice though. The LoTR has met it's small doom. {Divider: A line made of hyphens separates the text above from the puzzle below.}