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[page 11] <Handwritten.> "Hero in _LOTR_?" <End handwriting.> The idea for this article originated in T.J. III i. Who was the hero in the Lord of the Rings? Was it Frodo, Ringbearer and more than brave Hobbit who bore the Evil Ring most of the way to Mordor. Certainly he was the center of all the action and played the key role, but would the quest have been in vain if he went by himself? Or was it Sam, the faithful servant who dragged Frodo every inch of the way? If Frodo had given up the ring could Sam have carried the Ring to the Cracks of Doom? I think Sam had something Frodo didn't. Something like a crude faithfulness, or else Sam was too dim too percieve the danger of the Ring. Frodo had no intention in the end to destroy the Ring for he was too far under his (it's) control. So he was sort of like a good Gollum. Was Gandalf the hero? He was the one who discovered the ring before it got into Evil hands. He was the counsellor and guide for much of the journey. Something against him though was that he left at an early stage in the journey. Perhaps Gandalf could in someway percieve part of the future or he wouldn't go on such a foolish task. Then there was also Aragorn who was too deep in his own matters to take an active partin @part in@ the destruction of the Ring. Gollum was the Bad Frodo as he provided an end for the quest. yet he would be a doubtful because of his evil nature. Now we can take a poll and see how many people are for which hero. send your vote to: Tolkien Society of St. Louis, #30 Country Fair Acres, Creve Couer, Mo., 63141