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[page 9] FANTASY KING: T.H. WHITE Written about the same time as the Lord of the Rings is another great fantasy. The once and Future King by T.H. White. The book is actually four books in one. The First part entitled the Sword in the Stone is a light-hearted fairy tale telling of the adventure of a young boy named Arthur. Arthur strats @starts@ and gets lost in the woods and meets a magician named Merlin. Merlin becomes hsi tudor @tutor@ and works wondrous magic for Arthur. It also tells of how Arthur achieves his right to the throne of England. The second book, The Queen of air and Darkness @The Queen of Air and Darkness@, deals with Arthur's relatives and how he has an illegitimate child by his half-sister. Next, The ill made Knight, tells of the knight Sir Lancelot and how he [page 10] was the title of his profession the Best Knight in the World. The triangle of Lancelot, Arthur and his wife Gwenevere is a beautiful love story. The last book, a Candle in the wind is a sort of conclusion where Arthur looks into the future. The last three books are fairly complicated and it would be impossible to relate all the details, for it gets into all the doings of his relatives. For me The Once and Future King falls in the ranks and reserves ahigh place among fantays classics.

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