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[page 9] "THE HOBBIT" PUT ON AS A PLAY BY A LOCAL HIGH SCHOOL! KIDS COME BY THE HUNDREDS GET LOCAL ACCLAIM! GOT WRITE-UP IN PAPER! WRITTEN BY TOLKIEN HIMSELF!! At Ladue High School, Saturday Dec.14th, 'The Hobbit' was presented as a play, which was written by Tolkien himself: Some 600 kids (many of them high school studnets) crowed into the auditorium, a light went on and Hobits and such, in bright uniforms, scampered across the stage and the play began. It become a sort of melodrama, the kids booing when the orcs came on and clapping and cheering when Bilbo would escape Gollum. After the all the actors came down among the audience to talk to "Give the play a personal touch so the actors will seem like real people." The "St. Louis Dispatch gave the play a big write up, with a full page color feature. The director of the play said she picked "The Hobbit" because so many students were reading Tolkien. The person who played Bilbo, Bob Rosenberg, remarked, "It's about apathy, Bilbo had the ability to be a hero but he needed motivation. There are too many contented Hobbits who are spectators today. They need to be challenged so they will take part in constructive activities and bring out the best in themselves." The article went on to explain the other funtions of the Tolkien fad over the country. It told of a New York club and paper and a paper from California (Greg Shaw's Entmoot) and that was contrived from a 1966 Saturday Evening Post. The article also mentioned us. I als had the honor of being interviewed by the High School paper. The actors still go around calling each other their stage names. It was a very well presented play and did Tolkien honors.

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