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[page 5] EVEN SAURON LAUGHS a hobbitish fun and games department {Image: Hand drawn block letters spell out the names"Sauron, Gimli, Shire, Legolas, and Gandalf."
Each name has one letter stylized to represent the chracter/place. The "o" in Sauron is shaped
like the Eye of Sauron. The "l" in Gimli ish stylized as an inverted ax. The "E" in Shire represents
three connected pipes. Both "l"s in Legolas are made from two arrows. Both "A"s in Gandalf are
depicted as wizard hats.} WORDS THAT SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES While watching a T.V. short on the new movie "Yellow Submarine", I heard this: "Yellow Submarine" follows the tradition set by masters of fantasy from Lewis Carroll to J.R.R. Tolkien. I read in OSFAn that the University of Missouri here at Columbia will be putting out a new biography on Tolkien. The second Tolkien Conference will be held at the Secondary Universe this year.