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[page 3] editors page A FAREWELL AND A WELCOME WHEW! A good way to start a zine. I have had several inquiries as to why the TT has been discontinued. The reason is it was entirely too juvenile. Mumak is stenciled has more sf&f and is just plain better than the TT would ever be. Thanx @thanks@ to all who helped Mumak turn out as well as it did? Scott Smith's fanzine 'Elbreth' finally came! It was composed of Hobbit Humor, California fandom, news(very informative), songs, etc. 3O¢ from Scott Smith, 9533 Pentland, Temple City Ca. 91780. By the way St. Lois @Louis@ is a world center of sci-fi fandom. The Hugo winning, St.Louis centerd paper called 'Odd' can be gotten from: Ray Fisher, 4404 Forest Park, St.Louis Mo. Osfa (Ozark Science FICtion Association has monthly meetings and puts out a paper. St.Louis sci-fi will be discussed in an article. We've got the World con for '69! Hope you like?the first ish of Mumak, ONWARD! BOB LIEBERT, EDITOR B.L.: Tolkien Tribune was entirely too juvenile! CRITICS: What about Mumak? B.L.: Well . . . . . . . . . .