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[page 1] MUMAK {Description of Title Art: The letters of "MUMAK" are built of disjointed segments of block letters.} Bi-monthly Tolkien Zine of the Tolkien Society of St. Louis #11 JANUARY FEBRUARY '68 MADE BY THE HOBBITS FOR THE HOBBITS MY VISIT WITH TOLKIEN'S DAUGHTER ! ! ! By Anne Barrett Tolkien's American editor 1 IS FRODO DEAD an editorial THE HOBBIT put on as a local play {IMAGE: A line drawing of an orc costumed in an innacurate representation of the kabuki style. The orc faces the right side of the page and holds a daggar in his right hand. His mask has leonine features. The drawing is labled "orc?"} LETTERS EDITORIALS BOOK REVIEWS HOBBIT HUMOR ADS ARTWORK ETC. ETC.