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[page 1] {Title Art: "THE MONDAILY GURU" is written in green block letters. The words 'THE' and 'Guru' are enveloped in purple block letters.} <Two overlapping infinity symbols.> <handwritten in red> = what is it? <end handwriting> <handwritten in cursive, inked in red> A Mathom Sun Supplement <end handwriting, end cursive, end red> Monday: July 29, 1968 And here follows matters of interest to members and others. As I have warned you, the next issue will be a huge one. I want all the material you have to insure @ensure@ the very best quality. (That way, I can choose and edit). I would like it a soon as possible sothat @so that@ I can get started. Send all such enclosures to Hildifons Took/ Lawrence Bryk 2724 Boldt Dearborn, Mich. and 48124.... Also, to all members who have subscribed: yours @your@ subscription terminates as of the NEXT mathom @Mathom@ Sun and so you need not send in dues yet. In fact, since the next issue after that will be scheduled for the new year (1969 with exception of small notices such as this) you need not bother all at (at all). On the GUESS THE SECRECT @SECRET@ (oog) MESSAGE IN SARADOC"S @SARADOC'S@ COVER CONTESR we had three replies. Two said that it was a terrible idea and Celeborn guessed right, it said "The Mathom Sun" and "Vol 2 #2." Congratulations. You all know that we have a new contest (which promises to be a good one) and that is to guess the thing under neath @underneath@ "Mondaily" in the heading of this paper. Since we are to become a lay (ahem- no offense intended) a literary club, Peregrin has suggested that we send a list of all our favorite [unreadable symbol] (oog) authors and books to him and he will match up peopl @people@ who have books in common. (Sort of like computor @computer@dating, and with Peregrin (who, as we kno @know@, is a BRANE) doing the matching, it fits!) All members in the Dearborn area are invited to Mid-Summer's Day celebrations at Tom Bombadil's Mansion on the banks of the Withywindle (known to many as the Rouge) which are to be held July (arrgh, no NO) August 2 betwween @between@ l and 6. To be served are fried rumihrooms, cheese, home made & pumpernikkle @pumpernickel@ bread, melons beverages and hot dogs. (You might call for affirmation. We'd like to kno @know@ who's coming. 313-LO- 25 908 or 313- Lo- 20136. Bring about 75¢ to cover costs.) Miss Ann Tonsor is still holding a couple of busses t:o the Shakespearean festival at Stratford. It might be about the 16th of Aug. so write soon for reservations. AT- Miss Ann Tonsor/ 1505 Morton ? Ann's Arbor, Mich. 48104 that's all the room I have- write soon! _All_ comments accepted. (No four letter vocabularies, please.) s.d: H.T. <vertical along the left margin> COST of this issue- 10¢ = Posting. <end vertical text> <handwritten in purple> COULD IT BE?? <end handwriting> {Image: A divided line drawing that shows two scenes fill the bottom quarter of the page below all text. The left half of the image depicts Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and an elf standing over a gagged and bound yet. The elf holds a hammer in his left hand. The trio are within an igloo, part of which has been cut away to show the scene. the only other object in the igloo is a potbelly stove. A sign above the igloo reads "N. Pole." A diagonal line inked in purple separates the left image from the right. The image on the right is a similar cut away to show an interior scene. This image cuts away a portion of a tropical hut with a thatched roof, inked in green, to show a man with long white hair and beard meditating while twiddling his thumbs. The word "Twiddle is written just above the man's hands. A red suit and hat hanging on the hut wall suggest this man is Santa Claus.}

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