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[page 1] {Title Art: "Mathom Sun" is inked at the top of the page in red, cursive script. Below, "THE MONDAILY:" is spelled out in block letters of various sizes and an undulating orientation. Blow, "SUPPLEMENT" is written in red ink. Below, "To READERS:" is written in green ink. To the left of the titles, a picture of a circular face with shaggy hair and a Fu Manchu gazes toward the left margin." To all readers: In general (which is hobbit talk for in 'general' but I'm a bad typist) To everyone who bought this issue. I have tried to put in articles of general interest which all should enjoy. Some of the characters in the stories are real... In "The Story for the Mathom Sun" Adelard Took is Bob Fickle, Hugo Boffin is Phil Helms, Hildifons is Me-Lawrence Bryk (or, at least, their interpretation), Dnnamira is Marci Clark, and the rest are anybody you want them to be. Quinn could represent a mother complex of Dain. In 'The Adventures of Ar-Pharazon and Dain', Ar si Pete Dobra, Dain is Joe Thomas, Quinn is a cat of Glorfindel (whose alias is Stu Butterfield) and perhaps Edwin Garvey represents the Mother complex (so much for all you budding psychiatrists). In Supernurd, Jim is Master James Avery Magon Jr. Esq.- who is also the author, Rand is Rand the grand Wacker, and 49 is actually the Magon's cat. The identities of Supernurd, Big Orvie, Quasimodo Tharpe, and *7 are not given to protect their relations. As a summation of club politics I'd like to say that Aragorn has had his chance at government and duffed it. Dain has been legally elected and, as he is now in charge of the Misty Mountain paper, I think that perhaps we should give him a chance too. He certainly can't do any worse. To all readers, once more. I am asking that if any of you ave @have@ anything at all to contribute, please send it to me.. I am in desperate need of more material and as this paper will be a lot better for your money if you do (not to mention all the international recognition you will receive) I urge you to include a few articles (not 'a' or 'the') with your subscriptions and ideas. Next issue will have a poem and final episode of the first great adventure by Findel (or I'll block his chimney for Christmas).. More adventures by Dain. An adventure for them) and whatever else you send in. I here give the last words to Elfhelm: "Is it true that G. Findel lisped? Impeach the Minas Morgul Monthly staff! (and let Faramir & Elessar fight isit @it@ out, Elf to man, or whatever.) Hooo HaaH! The local group: the Crying Shames have got a BLASTER OUT! (and the Airplane strikes again with a REAL blaster: "Crown of Craation @Creation@" 1 whole ALBUM!) NIRVANAANANANANANANANANnanannanaa!" write in to Elfhelm at 4033 Wesley Ave. Berwyn, Ill. 60402 and send artile @articles@ to H. YTook @Took@ c/9 Lawrence Bryk - 2724 Boldt Dearborn, Michigan 48124 {Image: A line drawing of a humanoid figure appears to the left of the final three paragraphs. It is inked in red sits on a mound, inked in green, overlooking purple waves. The figure rests its chin on its right fist as it stares toward the right margin.} {Image: A line drawing of "Aragorn" appears to the right of the final five paragraphs. The image is a more detailed version of the face that appears in the title art, with a spherical hair style and Fu Manchu. Seven stars wander in circuitous orbits around his hair. The figure is drawn from the knees up. He is wearing shorts and a shirt with the sleeves rolled up to the elbows. The image is inked in purple, except for the head, which is inked in black, and the stars, which are red. The image is captioned with the following message, inked in red, in a stylized script: "Aragorn, our former leader! (This <a carrot inserts the word 'ARTIST'S' between lines> CONCEPTION from a film slide by H. Took)."}