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[page iii] {Image: The entire page is given to a line drawing of this issue of the Mathom Sun's Pin-up Dragon. At the top of the page is a banner with a five word message written in Tengwar. Below this is an image of a smoke dragon rising from a hobbit's pipe. In the bottom left corner of the drawing, a pair of small feet are visible next to a bag of "pipeweed," which is captioned "POT", and a long, smoking pipe. The dragon's lower torso is nothing more than a trail of smoke. Its upper torso is more substantive. It is position as if it were standing upright, clawed forelimbs forward and leathery wings spread wide. Spikey plates grow from the crest of the dragon's skull down his spine at least to the wings, after which they are no longer visible. The dragon is breathing a thin strip of flame, amid which its tongue is visible. The background of the image is shaded with jagged lines. At the very bottom of the drawing, a second banner is unfurling. The message on this banner reads "no. 6 pin up dragon" in a stylized block font suggestive of antiquity.}