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[page ii] EXTRAS PAGE: on which I am putting all the things that have come in last or almost not at all. first @First@ Flash (again!): In a historical statement today, Santa Claus denied the existance @existence@ of the Easter Bunny. Comments poured in <Added by hand.> fr <End addition.>om @from@ all quarters The Easter bunny @Bunny@ said: "Well, if that's how he feels, I don't believe in him. So there!" The Communist news agency, Tass, denounce @denounced@ Santa Claus's statement as a Capitalist plot to discredit the Mother-land. On Santa Claus's statement, the John Birch Society, avowed believers in the Easter Bunny, withdrew their retractions on Santa Claus and denied HIS existance @existence@ to the approval of the rest of the Society. Hoo. From G. Findel: Unleash the J.C.S.! A co <Added by hand.> w <End addition.>ard @coward@ thinks he can live forever if only he can avoid warfare.. From Tom Bombadil: To b <Added by hand.> e <End addition.> gin @begin@ as the tree: a seed in the womb of moist earth; to sprout and stretch to the new light of sky. From the single stem to split-and split again. Reaching with each m <Added by hand.> o <End addition.> vement @movement@ to touch the sun. Ever facing the light, the leaves that end the farthest reaches of the tree's effort send the food of the sun back to the dark damp depth of the tree's heart. Each branch in its solitary attempt to touch truth, _Truth_ saves only the heart And even in death; the stark black pinions of memory reach out and point the way to the stars. {Image: A line drawing of a sun reaching down into soil to nourish a seed appears to the left of the poem. The sun has a face, which is turned down to concentrate on the seed. His corona is stylized to look like hair and a beard. Two disconnected hands appear a short distance beneath the sun. They form a protective barrier around a seed that has just begun to sprout above the soil. The sun is inked in red, the soil in brown, and the seedling in green.} {Image: A barren tree sits on a lonely slope. Three stars, drawn as pentagrams, appear in the sky above it. This shaded drawing appears to the right of the poem.} And, adopted from a poem of Tom Bombadil by H Took (tom @Tom@ lost the original) We walked through the wood, hand in hand And the boughs that brushed by you, Touched me. And finally, from only-one-guy could-do this-to-me ELFHELM (!!!) 9/23/68 Just dug-up last MS (my Mom likes to keep the junk buried). To all you long suffering peoples, who're in trouble with: Da Fuzz, your bookie, the bank, the school's Dean, your Dad, your Mom, your girl (maybe she's in trouble too?) and Uncle Sam: Hoo Hah "Canada's CLOSE!" (Sweden's FUN). Will the Green Nurd return?!? (Does the garbageman?) "Bill Manspeaker is a Xerox!" Here's the other lines": "He who knows and knows not he knows is asleep, awaken him." "He who knows and knows he knows is a leader, follow him." "He who knows not and knows not he knows not is a fool, shun him." "He who knows not and knows he knows not is simple, teach him." In answer to the "What is it?" contest: THAT is G. Findel, trying to sign his (irp) name while tearing up the Withywindle path on a 2500cc Harly @Harley@ while being chased by the Green Nurd, the Green Lantern, the Green Hornet, and the Green Hairnet, and 14,000 enraged hone <Added by hand.> y <End addition.> @honey@ bees, closely following 4 <Added by hand.> f <End addition.> at @fat@ bears. Not to mention 6 killer squirrels, 5 chipmonks @chipmunks@, 4 snarling pandas, 3 jumping jacks, 2 snapping turtles, and a real, live genuine Orc. final @Final@ comments by this lad are found <the 'u' is added by hand between lines with a carrot> on the Supplement of this issue.