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[page 15] As you may have noticed from the way I have been covering things, I use my typing as an example, this issue has been in the printing over a period of time. I did the first page about three weeks ago with the second page trailing along in about another week. The article on club news came not too long after that. Yom Kippur is kaput already and today is 285 day. In the mean time, Dain had been elected king, a fairly decent choice, but anyway, if we don't stick with this decision, what then? Flash: Today, in an unprecidented @unprecedented@ release, the Soviet news agency, Tass, denounced SantaClaus @Santa Claus@. In the brief, but shocking, statement the Russians said Santa Claus was "a Capitalist myth used every year to renew hope in the oppressed masses that things will eventually get better, which is impossible, as we know." When the John Birch Society heard this, they withdrew all comment, and the statement amendment, on Santa Claus, and refused to say any more...... Watch for further bulletins..... the following is an article turned in by Adelard about a year ago....

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