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[page 14] {Image: The left margin of the page is dominated by a series of four framed images depicting the untimely demise of a hobbit on a small sailboat. The first frame depicts the two hobbits crouched together in the back of the boat as it heads down a river. Grass, inked in green, boarders the river's banks. In the second image one of the hobbits is awkwardly contorted so that it is unclear exactly what he is doing. A motion line extends from his hand and leads to the second hobbit, who is now high in the air, making an awkward 'v' with his body so that his feet are level with his head. The mast and sail have somehow disappeared from the boat. The third frame shows that the flying hobbit has fallen out of the boat. All that is now visible of him is a single hand protruding out of the water, middle three fingers extended. A piranha is leaping out of the water as it moves toward the hand. In the background the other hobbit looks dejectedly over the edge of the boat, a purple tear running down his right cheek. The fourth and final frame show the remaining hobbit stepping off the edge of the boat while, a crocodile waits in the water below. The hobbit is wiping his tears away into the crook of his right arm. A speech bubble show him to be saying "OY VAY."}