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[page 12] {Image: A line drawing of an aboveground smial sits between two hills fills the upper margin of the page. The smail is a simple house constructed of two rectangles in an "L" or "T" arrangement (which cannot be discerned from the angle). The front door is circular, as are the two windows on the other rectangle. A path leads up to the entrance between the hills. Trees and shrubbery fills in the background against a sky shaded with purple hatching, and, just in case the hatching wasn't clear, the word "NIGHT" appears in the upper right corner of the drawing. All plant life and grass is inked in green. The building itself is inked in black, as is the outline of the path. The windows and door are green. A wooden sign runs down the left margin of the page, pointing to the building with the information "TAVERN" written in a stylized font. The sign is inked in red.}