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[page 3] King: Boof! You blame everything (all disputes) upon Faramir. I resent this! I caused all disputes; Thror included! Out king has refused to answer letters with the exception of one girl, who placed this complaining with Tom (Bombadil). Since she lives near to Aragorn's former residence and _is_ a girl, I hold her testimony as irrelevant. The gist of the matter is: Aragorn was elected while he was still somewhat of a letter writer. Why we don't want him now is best illustrated by the folk saying about being bitten twice by the same dog. The first time you didn't know, but the second time! You [page 4] should have impeached him. However, if you really insist upon making such a fuss and you, Faramir, refuse to be King, then we'll allow the whole thing to settle: let Aragorn shut up again and Faramir print his notices (skillfully excluding the fact that he does them) and reap his payments. Everyone will be happy and whomsoever asks for an election; let _his_ letters rot! Finis H.T.