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[page 5] Thisis @This is@ a bad issue for the _Mathom Sun_. It's an in-between issue. In between a big M.T.E.S. AND A small M.T.E.S. In between a small, conservative _Mathom Sun_ and a Huge, conservative _M.S._ (This next issue will be huge so that it can last while I tkk (ogg) (make that OOG) take typing once and learn what all these buttons are for (cheers cheers cheers)) Again, I ask you- evryone @everyone@- please send in your best articles - your best poems and- if you wish to send in pictures of dragons, horses, sorns or what not (watch that), please do so. You are requested to keep the size small. (no use wasting a _whole_ page!) Also, you could make borders or borderline pictures like on the first page. We won't have a covar @cover@, only a heading like on the first page also. Shading should be done with little lines known to us art-fans as cross-hatching. All comments and editorials are accepted. (Due to printer over-inking- we shall only be able to print on one side for a while.... Coming soon. The MISTY MOUNTAIN MONTHLY (3M) a paper of literary comment by G.Findol & Tom Bombadil and the famed dwarve duet Balin & Dain. A book of El Brick (about 23 pages) full on his adventures (chiz)* approx 25ยข NEXT ISSUE: A full tory by DAIN (It's just been turned in to me this very hour and let me tell you- org!) The final installment of Glorfindel's first great adventure. (I'm tortureing @torturing@ him. and I y (oog) think he'll write it soon!) Yes, fans. He was only faking us when ha was dragged out from under that tree. Glorflndel lives! All your works and SuperNurd! New Addresses... Peregrin Took Moved (I lost my typist!!!! Yar, Boo &chiz) Ken Reitz; 648 Bridgeman Terrace; Towson, Maryland 21204 Gollum: Donna Olson; 850 N.Denwood , Dbn., Mich. 48l28 <Handwritten.> ITHINK @I THINK@ <End handwriting.> Ashum Nazgul: Harry Turtledove; 13631 S.Budlong; Gardena Calif. 90247 Recent comments on Mathom Sun: One, fine, boring day in psychology class, Faramir passed around an issue of the Mathom Sun. Being well educated in Neurosis @neurosis@, complexes & syndromes - Doug's classmates identified my problem. "This guy must be a nut!" HOOO HAH! All MEMBERS: if you want to attend (bad day) the Geneve @Geneva@ (I give) convention Aug 24, it's too late. (Unless you contact Elfhelm imeejity! 4033 Wesley, berwyn, Ill. 60402.... There will be a mini-summit in monmouth @Monmouth@ someyime @sometime@ betwixt Aug 21 and 23. You might write Faramir for information. EVERYONE send in your ballots to Celeborn on who you want to be king. My vote is Dain. I Apologize @apologize@ to Dis. In the next issue, there might be a few inserts labelled The Warbler Mondaily. These will be put in if I feel like it so don't expect anything great. Peregrin wants to know what this is: <Handwritten.> <scribble, possible signature?> -NO <scribble> OOG <scribble with appearance of overlapping infinity symbols> (HOO) <End handwriting.> Never let your sense of morals prevent you from doing what is right: DAin @Dain@ told me that Salvor said that one (His last name is Hardin). He said it in _Foundation_ by Issac @Isaac@ asimov @Asimov@. Well, it being 10 p.m. I'm running off to tom's @Tom's@ house to print this. WRITE SOON. <Handwritten.> H.T. <End handwriting.>