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[page 8] FIERCE DRAGON {Title Art: "FIERCE DRAGON" is written in two blocks of arching text.} {Image: The majority of the page is given to a simple line drawing of a dragon. The basic shape of the dragon is pear-like, with a small head and large rear end. The dragon is bipedal, the hind legs much thicker than the forelimbs. It has two stout wings that could never carry the weight of such a beast in flight. Spikey plate grow down the dragon's spine, ending in a spade-like tail. The dragon's head is a slightly anthropomorphized version of an alligator design; the beast has ears like an elf, eyebrows, and a grin showing sharp teeth. Three drops of drool are dripping from the longer canines. The image is signed editorially as "((BY G. FINDEL))."} {Note on the Text: All text on this page is handwritten in capital letters.} THIS IS PROBABLY THE VERY _LAST_ DRAGON DRAWN BY G. FINDEL. ON THE BACK OF IT WERE HIS ENGLISH NOTES ON LABDAKOS, THE GRANDFATHER OF OEDIPUS. GLORFINDEL WAS A PEACEFUL SOUL. HE WAS TOUCHED AND GRIEVED EVEN BY SO REMOTE A TRAGEDY AS THE DEATH OF DR. MARTIN LUTHER KING. MAY HE FIND PEACE