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[page 4] View From the Hill {Title Art: The title, "View From the Hill" is enclosed within a rectangular box.} <Handwritten in cursive.> _M.S. reg. pat. off._ <End handwriting.> Some of you who are reading this now may not know me-- or even of me. Therefore you don't know what to expect of an article such as 'The View." Well, it's slightly dangerous to read this article since it's often very difficult to know what to expect. THE MIND CAN BE BENT EASILY I follow music religiously--it takes me where it will, I follow. I have'nt @haven't@ talked to many who allow music to enter them as deeply as I. But I'm not special; no, please! I'm very unspecial--sort of a new high in mediority @mediocrity@. But music does relate very closely to my writing. I often write to music and so my writing reflects the background on which it is written. Acid rock, Simon and Garfunkel, Ravi Shankar, all establish the patterns of my pen. Therein is my writing force. O.K., I won't ramble on any farther. H.T.. I'll quit now. A LITTLE ACID ROCK With the Jefferson Airplane in the background, I would like to do a little editorializing. Where is the wisdom of our organization? I have long looked and witnessed actions that befitted only children. In honor of J.R.R. Tolkien? His honor! Yet we fail to even try to communicate openly. Where is the courage, conviction, strength that should typify a club such as this? We hide behind our facades of Ghan-buri-Ghan and orcs and scream for recognition. What is there to fear? Criticism? That's where the whole point lies. If it can be given, it can be taken. Come out from under the rocks--stand in the open field and scream it to the sky. Then perhaps others will listen. A man is created (to protest), he writes, then is 'killed' at convienience @convenience@. Then, when the hoax is uncovered, this act must be satirized, over and over and over... Stand! There's little use trying to argue with an orc. {Image: To the left of the previous paragraph, a line drawing is cut off by the page margin. It appears to be the wing of a prop-plane, carrying a banner with a message. The message is also cut off by the margin. The readable letters are from two words: "MIE" and "KIHIST." Below the drawing is a handwritten message of "HOO HAH" with an arrow pointing to the banner.} When the world is destroyed what will remain? (by Tom Bombadil) PEACE Is there no other way.