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[page 4] ANNOUNCEMENT: The Derle THE DERDLIM PUBLISHING COMPANY Yes, for the price of 71.19$ - a good number of the members up here to be sure) have banded together to form the Derdlim Publishing Company (that's mildred spelled backwards. Balin lives on that street!). We hope to publish two papers: The Mathom Sun - (which will remain as you want it) - and the M.M.M. (Misty Mountain Monthly) and/or Minas Morgul Monthly as Peregrin calls it) that should come out more or less monthly and offers some very interesting work: (I won't contribute, no) Joe Thomas- [UNREADABLE] (pro-war), Grant Hyatt-Tom Bombadil (anti-war), Bill Kaempher-Balin (anti-anti-war), and Stu Butterfield-Findel (we can always "find" material in his desk) (as anti-anti-war and pro-war). These serve to balance the paper. First publishing expected this month. Note: This article is taken from an old letter to me from Glorfindel when he was all hail and hardy last summer.