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[page 2] <Title in block letters.> G. Findel's SYSTEM OF TENGWAR TO END ALL SYSTEMS OF TENGWAR <End block letters.> Written in his personal Black ink by G. Findel. Well, I decided that all those conflicting systems of Tengwar are driving me out of my mind. So, I decided to present my own system to end all the controversy. In reading the following chart go left to right or otherwise as is your preference, unless you live in MooseJaw of Tasmania, in which case you would hold the page backwards up to a streetlight on or after April 5th to discover the Moon-Runes. TENGWAR CHART By G Findel (clip out and save!) {Chart: The following chart is made of six rows (Arabic numerals) and four columns (Roman numerals) presented as follows: 1:I <Tengwar symbol> =t 2:I <Tengwar symbol> =d 3 or 4:I <Tengwar symbol> =<Tengwar symbol> 6 or 5:I <Tengwar symbol> =n 3 or 5:I <Tengwar symbol> =hth(th) 6:I <Tengwar symbol> =t 1:II <Tengwar symbol> =p 2:II <Tengwar symbol> =b 3 or 4:II <Tengwar symbol> =v 6 or 5:II <Tengwar symbol> =m 3 or 5:II <Tengwar symbol> =f 6:II <Tengwar symbol> =w 1:III <Tengwar symbol> =c 2:III <Tengwar symbol> =j 3 or 4:III <Tengwar symbol> see note one 6 or 5:III <Tengwar symbol> see note 2 3 or 5:III <Tengwar symbol> =sh 6:III <Tengwar symbol> see note 4 1:IV <Tengwar symbol> =k 2:IV <Tengwar symbol> =s 3 or 4:IV <Tengwar symbol> =<Tengwar symbol> upside down 6 or 5:IV <Tengwar symbol> see note 3 3 or 5:IV <Tengwar symbol> =ch 6:IV <Tengwar symbol> =? The chart is continued on _000660.} [page 3] {Chart: This chart is a continuation from _000659. <Handwritten.> TENGWAR- CONTINUED- <End handwriting.> EXTRA LETTERS <Tengwar symbol>=r <Tengwar symbol>=s <Tengwar symbol>=h <Tengwar symbol> see note 5 <Tengwar symbol> see note 6 <Tengwar symbol>= d, what else? <Tengwar symbol>=1 <Tengwar symbol>=2 <Tengwar symbol>=y <Tengwar symbol>=<Tengwar symbol> with a tail <Tengwar symbol>=z see note 6 o= (x-h)²/(y-k)²=r²} _Note 1_ Gee, this one's weird looking, gang. I use it for "ZQ". _Note 2_ This is a variation on the third series (or grade), fourth <Handwritten.> GRADE <End handwriting.> (or <Handwritten.> SERIES <End handwriting.>); numbers 8-22 excluding 7 and 9. Example, use <Tengwars symbols> to be readable but <Tengwar symbols> to fake somebody out. _Note 3_ To pronounce this phonetic sound, open mouth wide and stick your foot in it. _Note 4_ This was a misprint by Professor Tolkien. _Note 5_ This is a regular "<Tengwar symbol>" with elephantitus of the navel. _Note 6_ These letters are written upside down for a vowel to be placed over them. This is not to be confused with my further note on upside downess below. Further Notes. Tengwar can be fun, if you follow a few simple rules. First, adhere to my chart exactly. Next, don't be confused by this communist propaganda from Foster or anyone. And above all, never, _NEVER_ write anything letter for letter from Englich @English@: always write your letters phonetically; make up your own letters, your own sounds. Use "ZQ" a _lot_ (Note 1). In short, don't let the other guy know what you're saying. If he can translate your letters, you've failed. One hint, if you really what @want@ to blow someone's mind out on the floor, write every other word upside down. Wow-ee! You should see someone try to translate that! Hoo Hah for now., s.d. <Written in cursive.> glorfindel <End cursive.> <upward pointing arrow> HIS MARK