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[page 7] A very special THANKS to Mr. Calvisi for mimeographing the first two pages. AND NOW ------------ A WAR REPORT "Arrangements have been made for the N-N to play various members of a wargaming club headed by an Agg. Ho. Leader (He publishes the Stormtrooper, Agg. Ho.'s Mag). John Rancourt. All members who wish to participate please send to me: 1) number of, and type of game(s) you wish to play PBM 2) the side you wish 3) the rule level you wish to use. Although I realize I've done this before: it is possible that others may wish to participate, or make new side rules, etc. selections. Requests for non-AH game opponents will also be forwarded. Your selections will be forwarded as soon as I receive them. Mr. Rancourt will then inform me of who has elected to oppose our participants. "I'm still requesting information concerning Middle-Earth weapons, armor, and battle tactics, especially from the Gondorians, Besornings, Elves, and Dwarves. It appears that two members of the War Games Inventor's Guild are producing or developing T olkien-based battle games: Bill McDuffie of New York- _The Battle of Pelannor Fields_and our own wizard, Radagast the Brown with _The Battle of Five Armies."-----ELFHELM