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[page 7] ANOTHER SYSTEM OF TENGWAR FOR USE WITH ENGLISH - BOB FOSTER {Table: The following table is divided into four collumns, labled I, II, III, and IV. The characters described in the collumns are as follow: I t=<Tengwar character> d=<Tengwar character> th=<Tengwar character> dh=<Tengwar character> r=<Tengwar character> [unreadable]=<Tengwar character> s=<Tengwar character> s--hy=<Tengwar character> II p=<Tengwar character> h=<Tengwar character> f=<Tengwar character> v=<Tengwar character> m=<Tengwar character> w=<Tengwar character> rd=<Tengwar character> Note 4 --s=<Tengwar character> Note 5--"hw"=<Tengwar character> III ch=<Tengwar character> j=<Tengwar character> sh=<Tengwar character> wh=<Tengwar character> (cañyon) ñ=<Tengwar character> Note 3--y(cons.)=<Tengwar character> l=<Tengwar character> [unreadable]=<Tengwar character> IV k=<Tengwar character> [unreadable]=<Tengwar character> Note 6--x=<Tengwar character> Note 6--ng=<Tengwar character> SI_NG_ Note 5--h=<Tengwar character> ld=<Tengwar character> Note 4--[unreadable]=<Tengwar character> a as in bat=<Tengwar character> e as in bet=<Tengwar character> i as in bit=<Tengwar character> o as in pot=<Tengwar character> u as in put=<Tengwar character> o as in bought=<Tengwar character> as in but=<Tengwar character> unstressed as in bott_o_m=<Tengwar character> [page 8] Bob Foster's System of Tengwar, Cont. a as in bait=<Tengwar character> e as in beat=<Tengwar character> i as in bite=<Tengwar character> o as in boat=<Tengwar character> u as in boot=<Tengwar character> "ow" as in bout=<Tengwar character> "oi" as in boy=<Tengwar character> ? as in S_uy_mesa=<Tengwar character> <left-pointing arrow> (unless you say burrrmesa, which most people don't.) Note 1- If you want, use a=<Tengwar character>, e=<Tengwar character>, i=<Tengwar character>, o=<Tengwar character>, u=<Tengwar character>, and write completely or partially orthographically. But the Tengwar are a phonetic system should be used thusly. Note 2 - the use of the two "r"'s is necessary but bothersome. In general use " " when yyou have a double "r" in Roman spelling <Tengwar characters> elsewhere. Thus, Mary=<Tengwar>, marry=<Tengwar>. Note 3- "Consonantal y" is like in you. Note 4- Use <Tengwar character> and <Tengwar character> when there are diecritcal marks above the letter (as in front inscription.) Note 5-<Tengwar character>=hy=huge=<Tengwar character>=hw=white (voiceless w- same as regular w but no vibration of vocal cords)=<Tengwar characters>. Or you can use <Tengwar characters> (halls) in some combination, like <Tengwar characters> or <Tengwar characters> which I think I prefer. Note 6- <Tengwar characters> and <Tengwar characters> for <Tengwar characters> hold your mouth open for o, breath as for f but put the back of your tongue agaisnt the palate (as in "k") but not quite touching the palate. Then say "f" for <Tengwar characters> do the same thing, but do "v" and "g" instead of "f" and "k". <Tengwar characters> is like in "ghash" (Fire)=<Tengwar characters> Note 7- Abbreviations:<Tengwar characters>=the;<Tengwar characters>= of the;<Tengwar characters>-and;<Tengwar characters>- and the (I don't knoew if the last two will catch on):<Tengwar characters> double the letter above (often not necessary):<Tengwar characters> the sound under-neath is preceeded by the nasal (row 5) of the same series, as <Tengwar characters>="nt","nd", "nth" and in _Ent,and,month;_<Tengwar characters>=mp, <Tengwar characters>=nk(as in Sinker); <Tengwar characters>=terminal "s", as <Tengwar characters>, on _LoTR_ title page. Note 8-Credits- the vowel system is basically Cory Seidman's, but simplified a bit. The consonants are basically those of John Closson; I lost the sheet of his system 2 years ago but its had its effect. On a Post_Card(?) LATER---- Amendations to my Tangwar system: 1) What's after Burnese should be "<Tengwar characters>", _not_ "<Tengwar character>". 2) Add Note 9 - Vowels are placed over (or under) the following consonant. 3) Add after the "Burnese" line: "_air_=<Tengwar characters>- See note 2" 4) All spelling is to be strictly phonetic - Note 10 5) Note 11- a period = <Tengwar character> a comma=<Tengwar characters> Note 2-about the 2 "r"'s - is sort of messed up by my addition of <Tengwar character>. I'm not sure. WELL, THAT'S ALL HE SAID. NEXT ISSUE -- AN ARTICLE ON TENGWAR EXPLAINING THIS ARTICLE ON TENGWAR. DON'T MISS IT!!