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[page 7] And hr (abbrev. for HERE) is G.Findel's map for the first great adventures. {Image: Map of first adventure along the bike trail. CHERRY HILL WEST-LANE runs east-west parallel to MICHIGAN AVENUE. Runnang parallel north-south are MILITARY and BRADY. Both are streets that cross the ROUGE R. Other major landmarks on the map from east west to east are as follows: DEARBORN HIGH SCHOOL, TOM BOMBADIL'S HOUSE, nettles, ORD FILED, FAIRLANE INN, and the IMMOBERSTAG ESTAGTE.} _KEY_ <Chain of arrows>=ROUTE OF ADVENTURE <Green squiggles>=OLD FOREST MAP BY G.FINDEL {Image: A small line drawing of a winged dragon decorates the bottom right corner of the map. The dragon is puffing smoke out its nostrils.}