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[page 5] NOW -- More of Glordindel's poetry ANDURIL - THE FLAME OF THE WEST Part I - Narsil, Sword of Elendil 'Twas the morn of the world, when the Elves were still gay And Numenor flourished, in the noon of its day When Telchar did choose the Best Elvish Steel, And forged the Sword called Anduril. 'Twas frosted with Runes, and fair Elvish script And the shields of its foes like paper, it split. The Sword of Elendil, who from Numenor came Was then known as Narsil, the red and white flame. In Middle-Earth then, the threat of war gathered And Narsil was sent off to war with its master Isildur, Anarion, and Gil-Galad went For 'twas the last allience of elves and the men. On the black slopes of Orodmuin where battle was made. The forces of Sauron were turned by that blade. But in victory, to death Elendil was called. He fell on his sword and it broke in this fall. Isildur then used half to cut off the ring From Sauron's Blade Hand. A golden thing The ring he took north with Narsil's two shards But 'twas a long journey and with too few guards. Isildur was ambushed by war at the Gladden He lost his ring and his life and all men were maddened. But Ohtar, the Faithful, escaped with the Shards They were brought to Imladria and were put under safe guard. CONCLUDED NEXT ISSUE