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[page 3] HOW TO WRITE A LETTER Anyone can write a letter! In fact, I hope that everyone tries it, seeing I have writen an article on it. Really, If one only follows a few basic rules, it is possible to be a master. 1.Your letter should be brief! (4 to 3 pages is sufficient. Don't be too long and windy, but be sure you say enough!) 2. Your letter should have a good start: I always start my letter with an "Hello!" or "Hi!" Faramir starts his with a "Greetings." Glorfindel, while writing Radagast the Brown, started his with a Dear Mr. Brown"!!! Also, the first paragraph should not plunge immediately into the business of the day, but contain small notes of greetings like: "Hello, I have just received your letter. Unfortunately, I was up in a tree when the Mailman came. Mailmen being such bad luck, I fell out and sprained my ankle." As can readily be discerned, this would invite comment and conversation, both which are essential to a letter. 3.Your letter should contain pertenant and important information (You should include the weather, Tolkien discussion, etc. Gardening techniques, herblore discoveries are most important. Do not leave out birthdays and occasion announcements!) Unfortunately, the abovle onlyapplies @only applies@ to writing-type letter. The below, is a form of "Thank You" type letter form sent in by Ann Tonsor. "As an After-Xmas Wheeze N. Wolesworth presents his self-adjusting thank-you letter. Cut out hours of toil, pen biting, wear on elbows, blotches, and staring out windows. Strike out those that do not apply. Dear (Uncle,, Aunt,, Stinker,, Clot,, Pen-pal,,) Thank you very much for the (Train, tractor, Germ, gun, kite, delicious present*, sweets, space pistol, toys, socks). It was (lovely, useful, just as good as the other three, not bad, super.) And I have (played with it constantly, lost it already, no patience with it, given it to the poor boys). I am feeling (Very well, very poorly, lousy, in tip top form, sick). I hope you are too. (Note: *Use this when you can't remember what it was.)"