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[page 1] {Title art: The title "THE MATHOM SUN" is written in large block letters.} THE MATHOM SUN Vol. II no. 1. Non-Profit Org. Cost: 15¢ + postage SPEDICGLEDUMPH THE CLUB, THE NEO-NUMENOREANS has been baking a fluctuating political stand. Not between Romney or DeGaulle @De Gaulle@ but between having a decent anarchy or a king. I say (now follows my political philosophy for 40 or less people) that we don't need a king or ruler. With our small group, letter-writing and paper-reading is sufficient. Thus, I will not support efforts to organize us into individual voting machines that must turn in votes upon the proper stimulus. FINIS! (Of note to readers): The translation of the Runic At top of the last edition reads "The Mathom Sun." Also: The heading of THIS paper is _the Mathom Sun_: if you don't know by now what it is we aren't going to tell you. ON THIS PAPER: I am making this paper for the enjoyment of fine literary acheivements @achievements@, like Glorfindel's poems. Also, it is one devoted to the Tolkien trilogy. Because of this, you will see articles of herblore, weather, and language studies represented herein. Although the actual mention of the Trilogy's author may be infrequent, I feel that the media is similar to what one might expect of a fan magazine. Thus, without mentioning Tolkien specifically, it is basically a Tolkien fan paper. Here it is anyway, the Mathom Sun - Vol. II, No. 1. It is the official paper of the Empire, and the unofficial paper of the Neo-Numenoreans @Neo-Númenoreans@. It shall (I hope) be published 5 times between now and July this edition included, for the cost of 25¢ (subscription) or 15¢ a paper. This paper is presently being mailed to people who have, at one time or another, paid dues (subscription) to me for this paper. True, I still send it to some [page 2] people who don't pay or owe some money, but I have to get revenge somehow! This paper is brought to you by: Hildifons Took: Editor, writer, and general manager. Pezegrin Took: Typist, mimeographer. Glorfindel: Poems, printer. T. Bombadil: His own selection Donnamira Took: Herblore.