[Announcement of comic "El Brick vs. Archfiend Fiddler Crab"]

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[page 5] L BRICK vs. ARCHFIEND FIDDLER CRAB {Image: Eight-panel comic. Panel 1-- Image of a block-shaped being with "El Brick" written on its front. Panel 2-- Image of a bridge with a river flowing under it. Dialogue balloon contains text saying "HERE, I am disguised as a keystone in a bridge over the smelly River Rouge." Panel 3-- Image of a human figure walking over the bridge. Dialogue balloon saying "Help, El Brick, I'm being chaced by arch fiend Fiddler Crab." Panel 4-- Image of El Brick flying up out of the bridge, the bridge collapsing into the river. El Brick says "NEVER FEAR, I am here." A second dialogue box from the human on the other side of the river says "Oh NO, <unintelligible> EL BRICK <unintelligible>." Panel 5-- Image of El Brick saying "Oops, when I flew out the bridge collapsed and Seniorita @Senorita@ Drowned, oh well." Panel 6-- Image of giant Fiddler Crab wreaking havoc in a city. Text in panel reads "Meanwhile, Fiddler Crab attacks a city" and Fiddler Crab laughs. Panel 7-- Image of El Brick flying over mountains with the river far below, a confused bird is also in the air. El Brick says "Ah <unintelligible> I see Fiddler Crab. I'll give my battle cry and attack!!" Panel 8-- Text reads "Next Ish Fiddler Crab Meets El Brick" signed with initials H.T.}

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