[Untitled article on the Valar and the creation of the world with references to Norse mythology]

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[page 4] (An explanation: due to hurried conditions beyond my control, this issue won't have as many pictures as before, I will continue them, when and where I can......) [page 5] AND NOS!!! Due to your popular bemand @demand@, we shall have a comic strip, ( oh geez am I getting terrible) you know!!! Look! Up in the sky, is it a bird ( no, LBJ isn;t in my paper), a plane, a rocket??? No! It's EL Brick, HERO OF MODERN MEXICO!!!! Faster than a speeding mexican, hairless, more powerful than a bottle of Tequila, and able to leap tall buildings with a single bound!!!!! [page 5] WELL, THAT'S ALL!!! I'm sorry if this issue wasn't large enough, but I'm rather
pressed at the moment. Sorry I couldn't draw the dragon for you Faramir, nor put in
the Radagastian system of time, or the article on the @gaography@ of Valinor by Gandalf
I realize that in many ways I'm going against Aragorn, but if you all respect this
controversy shall soon pass.

Our next issue then, will have El Bryk vs. Fiddler Crab, articles by radagast,
Gandalf, Aragorn, letters explaining my motive on the vote, peaceful poem, Grorf
a membership list, the results of the vote. Dragons, aarvards @aardvarks@, anteaters and
a movie review of TIME FUNNEL, that brilliant new masterpiece from Nerd files,
Farmer Glies inc. Also, an exclusive report on the Republic of Kona and the
battles with Aggressor Rossland

Good bye for now, it is bit chill out,
it's sunny and skies are blue so it looks lovely, I'll be off on my adventures to
Look for the Struggles of SARADOS and WIZARDLING I.


<handwritten> Trish, I have just received word that (not legible) Doyle Leigh?
is to be a Took, Isenbold! <end handwritten>

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